Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weis Shopping & Future Mayo

I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Tuesday to get a few things.
Today is the last day of the sales flyer in which they have assorted items for .88¢ each when you purchase in increments of 8.  I did that deal yesterday and also got a few other deals......

The 9 Barilla pasta boxes, the 4 Knorr noodle bags, the 2 Powerade Zeros and the box of Scotties tissue were all .88¢ ea.
I had $5.25 in coupons of this stuff--3 x $1/3 Barilla, 2 x $1/2 Knorr and a store generated Catalina Q for .25¢ Scotties tissues--so $8.83 for all 16 items.  Most of that pasta and those noodles will be going to the food bank.

I had a $1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated items(coupons dotcom)IPA and those were on sale for $1 each, making the biscuits .50¢ a tube.....with the cost of flour and butter, I can't make biscuits for that cheap! lol
I also found this flavor of G2 Gatorade bottles on clearance for .50¢ each so I picked up 4.

I found a bag of onion rolls 50% in the Bakery Dept. for $1.64 and this package of almost 1 lb. of Angus cube steaks marked down AND with a $2 Instant Discount sticker, making it $2.92. (The beef goes in the freezer awaiting College Boy's return for Spring Break as he loves Chicken Fried Steak.)

I spent $16.65(w/tax) on $41.68 worth of regular retail groceries, giving me a 60% savings rate for these purchases.

Just a note--
This Friday when Weis(PMITA)Markets holds their Friday Sale they are going to have Hellman's mayonnaise on sale for 50% off.  That's a good deal to begin with and if you can combine the $1/2 Hellman's in the 1/3 inserts that would make it $1.50 per jar which is an even better price.

Better still for me, I can combine that sale with a coupon in that Unilever NYE Party booklet I got at Walmart while shopping with my Eldest son down in F'burg at the end of December..........

Reg. price of $3.99, on sale for $1.99, use $1/1 Q=.99¢ mayo.

Of course these Qs say only 2 identical Qs in a shopping trip and I have 5 of them so I'll have to do 3 transactions.  I'll go to the self-checkout registers so this won't be a problem and I wouldn't have to keep getting back in line to get all my mayo.

Mayo for the food bank, here we come!! lolz

Thursday in the new ad at Weis and there is Purex laundry detergent for $1.97 per jug.  I plan to get 8-10 of those and this, along with everything else I bought this month and the toiletries I got for free at Rite-Aid recently will give me a full food bank donation to take in next week.
I'll pile it all together for a photo before I haul it off.  8-)))

And I'll deduct everything I've spent on food bank goodies from my food budget for January as it's not goods we will keep and use.  While this will bring down my food spending total for Jan. it won't get me under budget by a long shot since I wheel and deal to get this stuff for free or very inexpensively, just like the food I buy that we do eat.  ;-)


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  1. You amaze me!!! The mayo alone is a great deal. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.


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