Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rite-Aid Last Week

Well the snow storm thwarted my evil plan as I wasn't able to get to Rite-Aid on Saturday to finish the deals I wanted to do last week.

I shared what I bought on my son's card last Sunday(which was a $14.59 moneymaker)but here is what I bought on my card later on this past week.........

I actually did 5 transactions--2 of the cosmetic items in 1, the other cosmetic in a another 1, the air fresheners in 1, 2 x Kleenex with the Vitamints in another 1 and 2 x Kleenex and dish soaps in the last 1.

Each 2 boxes of Kleenex 4-packs generated a $2 OYNO Catalina Q so that's why I broke up those purchases into 2 orders.  2 of the Physician's Formula items have mail-in rebates so that's why I bought those 2 in separate orders.  And the air fresheners where bought first on another day because the store's truck order hadn't come in that week yet so I couldn't do the Kleenex purchases yet as they were out of stock.
See?....there really is a method to my madness.  lolz

Altogether this all came to $64.96 w/tax.
Coupons came to $13.29

I used $48.66 in Plenti points to pay and earned another $32 in new Plenti points(2x $10 wyb $15 Physician's Formula, $10 Bonus Starting Points wyb $30, $2 Kleenex wyb $15), received $3.30 in cash at SavingStar(Renuzit) and will receive $15 in mail-in cash rebates for the cosmetics(Physician's Formula), making this a $1.64 moneymaker AND I still have a $2 OYNO Catalina to spend too.
Deducting the cost of the stamps to mail for the cosmetic rebates and it's still a .74¢ moneymaker.  ;-)

I had plans to do the P&G Deal(earning $20 in Plenti points)on Saturday.  I had to wait a day for the new Plenti points I earned to go "live" from Friday's purchases and when the snow happened well, I didn't get to the store on Saturday.
If I had my 2 x Pampers, 2 x Cover Girl eye shadow and 1 Charmin TP pack would have "cost" me $1.90 + tax after sales/Qs/new Plenti points.
Oh well.......

Let's recap all our purchases of last week--

I "bought".....
6 x 12-packs Coke products
2 x 12-packs Charmin
2 x Vitamints
2 x Cover Girl eye shadow
2 x Cover Girl mascara
2 x Palmolive dish soap
4 x Kleenex 4-pack bundles
6 x Renuzit air fresheners
3 x PFormula cosmetic items

And after sales/coupons/rebates/taxes/cost of stamps I "made" $15.33(and a $2 Catalina too)to bring this all home for FREE! 8-)

I'll be laying off of Rite-Aid this week as the Starting Points Bonus Deals are finished for January and the next promo for February doesn't start until next Sunday 1/31.  I'm not real crazy about the next promo as you have to "spend" $100 before the first reward of $20 kicks in.  This promo will be harder to work the deal so that I don't "spend" anything to get my free stuff. 8-)))

Other than buying some gift cards that generate Plenti points this week there isn't anything for me to buy at Rite-Aid until next week.



  1. You did great even with missing getting out on Saturday!

  2. "snow storm thwarted my evil plan"-Haha made me laugh. Goof.
    You need to start planning your attack on CVS so I can copy you.


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