Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday at Chez Sluggy

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday on the blog.
It was my birthday.
I'd like to say that I was too busy partying and carousing with friends to write yesterday.
But the reality was quite different and I was holding a little pity party for myself.

Some folks on Facebook did send me some Happy Birthday messages which I appreciated.
But I am so bad about remembering other people's birthdays I am not surprised, nor should I be, that most folks don't make a fuse for mine.
Plus not having any friends in "real life" living around here doesn't help.

So I just got wild and crazy yesterday and went up to Rite-Aid and picked up a prescription, bought some air fresheners(will be a .30¢ moneymaker after Saving Star Rebate(lolz), then I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets and spent 33.43, saving 58% over regular retail.  I then got some soup for lunch at the Chinese restaurant and laid down and took a nap.

Hubs took me out for a Birthday dinner at a local steak place that evening and I splurged and got a flight of Long Island Iced Teas......

What's with that face I am making? lolz
And I don't even remember actually eating dinner after drinking those little tiny drinks.
I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking.....

This weekend Hubs will get a cake and sing to me, after I stuff cotton balls in my ears of course......yah, he can't sing.  ;-)

As of now it looks like the Jonas Snowmageddon will miss us mostly.  Only 2-5 inches of snow in these parts on Saturday.  We can do that standing on our heads!  Eldest says they are predicting 2 feet+ down in F'burg and they called school off for Friday on Thursday.  Scuttlebutt by other teachers in his building is that school will be out for all of next week there too if they get as much as what they think is coming.

As for the good "deals" I picked up at Weis yesterday........

4 cans of Pillsbury Grands! biscuits after sale/Qs were .50¢ each.  At this price I don't mind using some of them to make dumplings for chicken 'n dumplings next week because they are as cheap as the store brand whack biscuits I use for this dish usually.
4 packs of chewing gum for free after sale/Qs.

2 jars of peanut butter for $1 each after sale/Qs.

6 boxes of whole grain Barilla spaghetti for .55¢ each after sale/Qs. (These are headed to the food bank.)

1.04 lb. of steak for $2.67 after sale/instant $2 off sticker.

1 bottle of ketchup for .79¢ after sale/Q.

4 cans of Hormel chili for .75¢ a can after sale/Qs.

1 bag of fresh spinach $1.24 after 50% off sticker.

4 bags of Oreos(for CB)$1.99 bag after sale/Qs (I'll also get a $2 rebate from Checkout51 for buying these so they'll turn out to be $1.49 a bag in the end.)

College Boy likes Golden Oreos but I just had to get a bag of this one I haven't seen before, Cinnamon Bun.  I may have to actually try one of these before he gets home for break as I love anything Cinnamon......lolz

I'll be going back to Rite-Aid today to do some deals on my Plenti card(I already did some deals on Eldest son's card last Sunday).  I have $5.94 spending tracking toward #1 $30 Bonus Plenti points Reward from those air fresheners I bought Thursday.  I couldn't finish off the deal I wanted to do yesterday because they were out of some of the products so I have reformulated a plan and will go back later today to "work it".  After all is said and done I'll spend $43.96 in Plenti points, get back $40 in new Plenti points AND qualify for $15 in cash Rebates so another moneymaking opportunity!  8-)

Eating out this month...We have only gone out twice--for my birthday dinner last night and for breakfast on Monday(Hubs was home and I had a dr. appointment so he came with me and we hit Denny's for some eggs) and my take-out Birthday soup.  We have spent $75.99 on only 2 meals out/1 take-out meal.  I don't foresee anymore eating out this month so we will stay under $100 on that tally.

All the bills for the month are in and paid for January.  It's only been about a week since the credit card bill cut and we already have $500+ more on that one which will be due in February.  Half of that is for 1 drug refill(medical high deductible)so it's really not so bad.  We had a car that needed it's yearly inspection, another car needed an oil change/etc., CB needed a black shirt for symphonic band performances, we spent $75 at Lowe's and another $75 on CB's books for the semester and then CB's new glasses didn't come in until after he went back to school so I had to mail them to him yesterday so postage was put on the credit card.
The costs of just living your life do add up, don't they?  8-)))

I tried to work on a Giveaway to post yesterday but didn't get very far with it and certainly didn't get it all sorted so I could post it.  Maybe this weekend I'll finish that up and it will go "live" as they say.

Not much else new going on here that I can talk about yet.  I'll have something to share after next Tuesday so stay tuned..........

What's going on in your world?



  1. Happy late birthday girlfriend! I know how it is having no close friends locally, I am in the same boat. At least your hubby got you tipsy lol

  2. Happy Birthday!I went years when even though I had friends locally, I had sort of disconnected from people outside my family other than if I ran into folks. A few years ago, after a high school reunion, I made an intentionally decision to be proactive about staying in touch and doing things with friends.It isn't as often as the socially successful peeps do, but more than I was doing for many years. Really diving into friendships as adults is just harder for some of us,so I understand what you were feeling. Because so many of us from our old groups are turning 50, I've been much more socially "out there" but suspect the revelry will die down by summer.

  3. You look like the cat that ate the canary with those drinks. Sounds like you had a great birthday. You got to take a nap.

  4. Happy Birthday a day late! Sounds like my kind of birthday (minus the drinks-haha!)

  5. Not exactly sure of the face you are making either, but if I had that many drinks I would be making a much odder face. The picture is really good and you should wear jewel tones all the time. They are quite lovely with your coloring.

  6. I'm glad you had a great birthday!!! And my take on that photo is that you've changed with this birthday. You seem so prim and proper now... What's the deal??!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Sluggy!

  8. NO damned pity parties! Pack a bag, you know where I live. We can hit all the thrift stores and drink. I love you MUCH!!!

  9. A belated happy birthday to you!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Your little line of drinks are so cute. :) Sounds like you got some great bargains this week. Snow predicted here too, hopefully not too much though. :)

  11. sorry you didn't get fussed over on your birthday, but you did get over 30 HB messages on FB. I got about half that. I hope you don't get too much snow up your way. We had a cold front pass through here. It's in the 30s this morning. Brrrr!! But at least there's no snow to shovel. Keep warm. Hugs to you!

  12. Hope you had a great birthday....or at least remember it that way!! :)
    The cinnamon bun oreos sound interesting I try and buy one of the different flavors that come across our local store shelf...I will be looking to see if they have this choice!! So far I have liked them all??? lol

  13. Happy Birthday again! I am hunkered down as the snow piles up.

  14. My limit is ONE Long Island Iced Tea, albeit bigger than the ones in your photo. After that I too don't remember anything that happens!!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Slug-mamma!

  16. Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you had a lovely evening out with your husband.

  17. A belated Happy Birthday, Sluggy. I've been off line, a bit. Sorry I wasn't more timely :-( Hope you have a fabulous year!


    Sassy bear


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