Friday, June 12, 2015

More Provisions Shopping

I went down the mountain to take advantage of that KMart Pharmacy Coupon/Rx Transfer I got in the mail in May.

I had to wait until I had 2 prescriptions needing refills at the same time so I took them in and had them transferred from Rite-Aid.
An hour later I had my pills(and saved .90¢ total over having them filled at Kmart instead of Rite-Aid!)and this......

A Kmart "Award" Card with $60 on it.

Get free $$ AND save .90¢ on my drugs for a little bit of my time?
Yes please!

I had bought College Boy 4 pair of Levi's branded jeans at the Kmart in LA on our trip.  CB loves him some Levis but I only buy them when I can get a deal.  The Shreveport KMart had Levi Signature jeans on clearance for $15.99 and $16.99.
I got a waist size I thought he could wear only to haul them home to PA and find out they were too big.

So I returned them to my Kmart while I was there anyway and got those charges taken off our c/c.

After putting in my rxs to transfer/fill I wandered around the store and found the exact same pants in a smaller waist size that would work for CB for $10.99.  2 pair of them.

Then I saw they had that special Baja Blast Mountain Dew CB lurvs for $3 a 12-pack so I picked him some up.  A clearance box of Cheese Nips got thrown in the cart too for him...imagine that! lol

And I forgot to use the $60 Kmart card to pay for it all at the register......
Ugh. Ugh.

I also had $7 in surprise points on my Kmart SYW card so it all came to $22.95 instead of $29.95.
Not bad.

While waiting for the rxs to be filled I went next door to Dollar Tree and picked up a few things....

I picked up 3 bags of cinnamon Jolly Rancher's my favorite snack for a sweet tooth craving.
Also got 3 potsticker dumplings as they restocked, a box of lasagna noodles, a box of vegetable stock(trying this brand), 2 refill bags of hand soap, a tube of Udderly Smooth hand cream for CB(he's washing dishes at work), 1 2-pack of corn dogs(used a coupon so was .45¢) and a box of Swanson "Cream Starter"'s stock with dairy in it for cream type soups.
$13.69 OOP.

And I splurged on myself(besides the hard candies)and got a book.....

I am nearly finished with my Stonewall Jackson book so I need something light to read.  This looked fun and was the only thing I considered in the book section at the DT.  DT use to have a good book not so much.  I know I could have gone to the library and possibly checked this out for free but I didn't....sue me. ;-)

Some women splurge and buy themselves name brand clothing, or day spa treatments or trips to Europe.
I have much simpler needs so a $1 book takes care of that "itch" for me.
Maybe that's why we almost have enough saved to retire?...because my needs are simpler than many others.  Or is it just plain luck?  It certainly isn't due to buying lottery tickets and hitting the jackpot. lolz

I also hit Sam's Club this week for cheap Hydrogen Peroxide(much cheaper than using those Oxi products in the laundry), fresh fruit, lunchmeat for Hubs, pecans(cheapest price around), cashews(ditto), sinus meds(a year+ supply for what I use to pay for 1 monthly rx fill), chili, special taco shells and French fried onions for CB.

And there was a quick trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets on the way home for a couple of deals.
The video about that is HERE.

 Next week I am staying out of the grocery stores mostly as the shelves here are overflowing with goodies.

Did you find anything good to buy at the grocery/drug/discount/dollar/warehouse club stores this week?



  1. KMart is on our list of stops in the "big city" today. I will look for the jeans. Our KMart has great clearance deals, but you have to problem for me, though, as I enjoy that. I think it appeals to the hunter/ gatherer in me. I have points to use, and DD needs a new bathing suit for summer camp. Wish me luck!
    And yes, simple needs go a long way to happiness. I love your blog! Some day I will regale you with how I came to it. In the meantime, thank you for your posts. I enjoy checking in with you!

  2. One of your readers does not realize that you could sail around on a yacht if you wanted to. How dare he criticize your hobby, which is money-saving as well as just satisfying and fun? It's not like you collect packets of ketchup from Burger King on the inside shelf of your fridge door, hoping to put off the next purchase of a bottle of ketchup (I do that.) I think Mr. Grouch Supreme would like to think both of us click our heels together in the air, believing we'll become millionaires through frugal ketchup hoarding. Little does he know... He can make fun of me, but he'd better not make fun of you again! That would be, just... misguided, for one thing!

    1. Frankly, I had no idea his post referred to her, because I can never make it past the first few sentences of his posts.

    2. Yeah, he didn't try to make it subtle - he lifted the pics right off her last blog entry. But yeah, do you ever get the feeling (IF you make to the end of one of his posts) that the same thing is being stated over and over in one post?

    3. No need to get to the end for that.

  3. you are lucky you still HAVE a kmart; seems every last one of them closed down here.

  4. I am going to have to do the kmart meds deal! Yesterday, I went in to WM to get a new med filled and left with 6 meds. What was that? No deals lately. Someone made fun of you? For being frugal and having money? That is just silly.

  5. I've been reading posts all week about college boys (and girls) getting spoiled - school must be OUT!

  6. Yeah on the free money! We have not had a KMart in years. I kinda miss KMart. Tell CB that I said you are a super nice mama to buy him so many things he likes. :-)

  7. Den and I were saying that we are going to start eating down what we have in the house. But I might have to get DJ a few things. We may be eating old oysters with some pickles. But I would be saving money, right.


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