Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ask the Sluggy

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I've basically got nothing to post today.
We've got a few outdoor chores to take care of this weekend, as long as the rain holds off, plus I really need to do some photo and video editing/uploading this week from our trip.

Speaking of photos/videos I just realized this week while trying to clean out/up my computer files that I never finished editing photos from either of our last 2 trips to Ocean City MD, one in 2013 and one in 2014.  In addition I never blogged about those trips!

*Sluggy shakes her head in disbelief. *

Between chores, I'll be working on photos, videos and trying to write up posts on those 2 min-vacations....because I know y'all are just aching to hear about a 2 year old trip, right?  lolz

So for a post for today, how about I open up the comments and entertain questions from my readers?
Sounds like a plan!

If there is anything you ever wanted to ask me about anything at all about me, my life, my money, etc. or have a question about frugality, personal finance, etc. or about life in general I'll attempt to elucidate(see how I threw in that $20 word?) any and all seekers.

And don't be surprised if I ask you a question right back.......I am sneaky that way.  ;-)



  1. What started you on your frugal road, and when? Have you always been primarily a SAHM,- maven -of -frugality?If so, as a college-educated woman, did you ever get grief for that choice? (More than one question, but I'll answer more if you like!)

  2. OMG, I love that graphic! It's perfect! I'm still thinking of a question, but I just had to say that.

  3. Here's one for you Sluggy. As an older mom myself, how do you navigate "mom" groups at scchool, sports, clubs, when they feel like they are sometimes a generation younger than me? I hear so many things that just make me feel dated and irrelevant so joining the conversations are sometimes awkward. I smile and nod a lot.

  4. how did you get started blogging and stockpiling?

    do you have an adult beverage in your hand at this moment?

  5. You obviously have any talents, do you have any regrets about something you should have done in life?

  6. Question: Have you heard from Judy? If so, how's she doing? :)

  7. okay I see I'm the first. Any plans on going away later this year on vacation?

  8. How'd you get the Sluggy nickname?

  9. Will you come do yardwork at my house? It's getting a bit out of control here. It's like the monsoon season here. We run out and do a few things and then it pours again. YUCK, where is our summer.

  10. I'd like to learn where the name SLUGGY came from.

  11. Well, I never wanted to ask this, but this might be a fun answer. Where, how, when did you and Hubs meet and court? Did you play hard to get, just running slowly until he caught you?

    What is the story behind your nickname? I asked once, but you slyly got out of telling me by saying something funny?


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