Friday, June 26, 2015

Winter is Coming & the 88¢ Sale at Weis

Another trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Thursday for cheese.
I was going to do 2 transactions at the Self-Checkout registers(2 x the chees goodness!)but I stumbled upon more meat Instant Discount Sticker Deals....woohoo! I had to use a cashier.

I also decided to do two rounds of the Customer AppreciEIGHTion Sale.  Stupid name, right?  -)
Bunches of items are on sale for .88¢ each this week if bought in groups of 8.  Otherwise, these items are "only" on sale for $1.00 each.

The 7 boxes of facial tissue(getting stocked for Winter colds!), 3 packages of tortillas(smaller size but that's ok), 4 large cans of tomato paste(savings of .31¢ per can) and 2 boxes of Uncle Ben's rice sides were all part of the .88¢ sale.  I also used a $1/2 Uncle Ben's IPQ so the rice was only .38¢ a box.

I did 1 cheese deal(.74¢ a block cheese). 

There are .50¢/1 IPQs for OEP refried beans(I had just used our last can 2 weeks ago).  Weis had the beans for $1.25 a can on sale this week and when the Q doubles to $1 it makes these .25¢ OOP each.

Keebler select cookies are on sale $1.87 a bag this week too.  I had a $1/2 Keebler IPQ making these $1.37 a bag for College Boy's stash.

I found 3 packages of gourmet hamburgers with discount stickers and sale price $10.51 for 5.03 lbs. or $2.09 lb.
I found 2 packages of sirloin steak with discount stickers and sale price $4.63 for 1.88 lbs. or $2.46 lb.
I won't have to buy any more hamburgers now until the end of grilling season. 8-)

I also bought a 500 ct. pack of napkins for $2.99.  I was going to get the 120 ct. packs that were part of the .88¢ Sale but this higher count pack was a better buy per piece.

The last item was a Larabar(sitting on one of the tissue boxes in the photo), on sale fo $1.00.  I had a .40¢/1 IPQ which doubled to .80¢ off, so I spent .20¢ on it.
I also added a .40¢ off Q to my Saving Star account so I'll get .40¢ cash back later, making my Larabar   -.20¢(or they paid me .20¢ to buy it).  8-)

$38.46 spent on $92.39 reg. retail with a savings rate of 58% and I got another 10 gas points.

I am off to clean out and organize the cheese drawer in the fridge to see if I can shove anymore cheese in there.   I've got 19 blocks(and 1 bag of shredded)so far and I've blown the food budget for June outta the water! 

Can you see how little I care about that? lolzYes it looks really bad but the money I won't spend on cheese for the rest of the year will more than make up for this indulgence.



  1. Winter...what the ? I get it, tissue and all. I am so jealous of your cheesy deals:)

  2. Can you have a cheese giveaway? And let me win?

    I, too, am jealous of all the cheesy goodness.


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