Friday, June 19, 2015

Ocean City Fall Vacation 2013.....Part 1

Well as I was going through and editing photos from this last trip to Louisiana I realized that I never blogged about 2 of our trips to Ocean City Maryland in the Fall of 2013 AND 2014.


So here goes a brief(well at least for me)summary with photos of our trip to OC in 2013. 
Ok, if you know me you know this won't be brief but will be, instead, a long multipart post.  ;-)

We got onto the interstate not too early, 9ish.
Man, somebody should have cleaned the windshield before we left.....

Once we hit Delaware(Wilmington)it was time to make our pilgrimage here......

A big ass liquor store with every libations known to man(within reason).  Due to the archaic alcohol regulations in PA, we have to bootleg many of our adult beverages into the state from bordering states with sane alcohol sales laws.

This being our first trip into Total Wine & More I think we wandered around for close to 2 hours.  Well I was in a wheelchair(due to that blood clot in my ankle back then)so it took me awhile to get through the joint.
I don't recall what we spent but it was a LOT! lolz

Back on the road........

If you live in these parts you know that "Dover Beaches" doesn't mean there are beaches in Dover Delaware.  Dover and Beaches are two separate destinations. ;-)

We had tentative plans to meet up with Ron from Retired in Delaware for lunch.  After taking so long in the Liquor Nirvana we were running late.  I called him from the road when we were near the shore to let him know what time we were due to arrive and to meet us at the restaurant.  I got his voice mail.

Well we waited around for about 45 minutes for Ron to arrive or call, sipping on drinks before we gave up on him and ordered.
I didn't know at the time that Ron's nap time is sacred and never changes when it happens.  Ron had turned off his phone to nap so that is why I couldn't reach him.

I had fun with Ron even though he didn't show up and made a video which you can see HERE

Me, mugging for the camera afterwards to prove to Ron we were here.
It was a beautiful sunny day and warm for October.

As for our lunch.....Note to self--don't ever get the oysters at The Bay Leaf Restaurant again......frozen prepackaged and all batter, no oyster.  You would think a restaurant down near the shore would have fresh seafood, wouldn't you?

After our late lunch(more like 3pm)we got into Rehoboth and spied another large liquor store.

I think my minivan had a liquor store sensor as it always seemed to stop at large liquor stores this trip. ;-)
Another hour or so browsing(and buying)via wheelchair and we were back on the road again and finally hit Ocean City MD about dark.

It took quite some time to unload everything into the hotel room this trip.  Being in a wheelchair nothing was quick or easy for me.
We finally settled into the room as a colorful October moon came up.....

I took a shot off the balcony of the boardwalk.  Nice and deserted....

Around 8 or so we got hungry so I loaded my PWA into the wheelchair and Hubs pushed me down the boardwalk toward the supposed Backshore Brewing on 10th St. that is suppose to be open until 2am.
Well we get there and it's closed up tight.  Seems at least in 2013 they were only open during the Summer season.
So Hubs started wheeling me back toward the hotel and we stopped in an Italian place to eat called Brothers Bistro on 11th St.
I won't complain about the cost($20 for a pizza.....seriously?!?)because every single restaurant down in OC is exorbitantly overpriced.....except for Pizza Hut, Subway and Denny's.  Yes, the cahin restaurants are reasonable but every local place has crazy prices!  And this is for mediocre food, nothing special.  I guess if you are in a seasonal area you have to make a year's worth of profit in 8 months(or less)to stay open.

But I will complain that there was hardly any staff and the wait time was long for said pizza.  Why so long a wait seeing as there was hardly anyone in the place?  We had a ringside seat for the brick pizza oven and not another customer within 30 feet of us.

Back to the room after a brisk roll down the Boardwalk.

The next morning Hub get up at the ass-crack of dawn to see the sun rise.  He does this every time we are here.

 You would think, since he is on vacation and doesn't for once have to get up so blasted early he would sleep in!

Hubs took a walk in the a.m.(without me since I couldn't walk far this trip)and then we relaxed on the balcony a bit.

Later that morning we headed out to pick up foodstuffs for this visit.  We always get a room with a kitchenette and make most of our meals in the room(breakfast and some dinners while we do lunches out).

 Later, after a quick lunch in , we headed out for our activity that day.

Doing the brewery tour at Dogfish Head in Milton.

 Here is the door where they start the tour, next to the restrooms.

The Women's bathroom had a little wooden fish hanging on the door.  The shark(or is it a dogfish?)had POO-PEE lettered onto it.
I guess if you drink enough dogfish head beer(the tasting bar is right near the restrooms) you need to go pee-pee but who goes poo after guzzling beer? lol

I just thought this was bizarre....or maybe my pain medications for the blood clot made me think this was bizarre.

Next time we tour the Brewery.



  1. I know I can barely see for the sweat running in my eyes, but doesn't that say poo-pee? Now, that is bizarre. I suppose most people are in such a hurry they don't mind. I would NEVER get up for a sunrise! Pictures of sunrises work for me.

    1. You are correct on closer inspection. Blasted cataract.....

    2. slugmama,
      I could write a very funny book on what I think I see on blogs, and anything that is written. Cataracts are not fun.

  2. I'm glad you took us on a virtual beach tour. It was not your medication; it is very odd to see "poo-pee" on a restroom door. We encourage our dog to "do it" by saying in the most foreign-sounding high-pitched voice we can muster, "Poo poo pee pee! Pee pee poo poo!" (The kids don't say that; we do... the kids are embarrassed by us.)

  3. Hubby and I got up early and drove to a beach to watch a sunrise.....once. LOL!


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