Thursday, June 4, 2015

May Goal List Results

Here's a run down on how I did on the May Goals--

* Clean House  Didn't happen
No motivation to do this.  I've been in vacation mode for too long plus my eyes are such(with only 1 cataract removed)that it's hard to see sometimes and/or to walk around without falling down.  Bending over and working would not have helped me stay upright.

* Get rx refills before trip  DONE
This is always a hassle, the timing of when meds need refilling/when insurance will cover the costs.  Not fun to run out of an rx when 1000 miles away from home and trying to transfer them to a local eats into your day when you should be having fun!

* Bike 50 miles  Partially DONE
Well I got to 38 miles before we left for vacation on May 17th.  16 days working out so 2.375 miles per day.  There was no biking while away but I did swim 9 of the 15 days we were away so that's something.  It's been rough getting back into a routine on the bike but I have.  I'll be keeping my 50 miles of biking for June I think.

* Use Hand Weights 12 days Didn't happen
Still working(now reworking since vacation)on getting the biking to become a habit.  The hand weights can wait a bit longer.

* Pay the Bills  DONE
Two bills weren't paid as they weren't due while we were gone but they are paid now and on time.

* Lay in food for College Boy  DONE
I beat the heck outta the food budget before we left, but laying in provisions got done.  Funny thing is, he ate hardly anything I bought him.....except for Doritos.  lol

* Pack for trip  DONE
I usually wait until the last night to pack for trips but since Hubs was away on business until the evening BEFORE we left I got my tail in gear and got my packing done.  Of course I WAS still up the night before hemming a pair of pants I wanted to take on this's always something with me. ;-)

* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them  Didn't happen
I got a pattern partially finished but didn't actually cut or sew anything yet.  It was going to be too warm in Louisiana anyway to wear anything but dresses.

* Gather info for College Boy  DONE

* Have FUN on trip  DONE
I always have fun on trips one way or another so yeah, I achieved this goal in spades! 8-)

* Write a letter  Didn't happen

* Apply for Passport  Didn't happen
I DID fill out the paperwork....just didn't submit it yet.

I'm still trying to get back into Non-vacation mode here so give me a few days to work on my June Goals List.

Do you make monthly goals?
How did you do on them in May?



  1. Yeah I survived the recital! Yeah it is over! Get back on that bike. You don't need to see to bike, well you sorta do if it is moving.

  2. Yes.

    The worst cataract was done first. The lost lens of my glasses is on the fixed eye with 20/20 now. But, I know all about the getting dizzy and bending over. At first, I blamed it on vertigo from ear problem. Then, I took my glasses off and quit feeling dizzy and nauseous.

  3. I am glad you had fun on your vacation and totally understand your problems between cataract surgeries. I cannot even imagine going as long between them as you are. I could barely function between them. I would have been a basket case if I had to wait longer than 2 weeks.


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