Sunday, June 14, 2015

Changes in Sluggy's World

First Hubs is having an unexpected health issue.  Could be bad, could be just a little annoyance.  We should know more in a week or so.  Keep good thoughts out there for him if you will.

The best news is that oldest son got a teaching job.....after two years of looking!
They may say that you don't have to pay someone off and/or have a relative or political pull to get a teaching job in PA but don't believe it for a minute!  They may say there is no corruption and graft in the public schools in PA but we know better. 8-(

Anyway he will be a brand new high school social studies teacher come this August in North Carolina.  This has been his goal for years and it's finally going to happen and I am thrilled for him.

The best part is he'll only be an hour away from where the family reunion is held each September so he can go with us this year! 8-)

He will be coming home next month so I can go with him down to NC to apartment hunt since his girlfriend is still finishing up with school in Pittsburgh.  Please wish us luck with the housing search too.

We are wedging this excursion in between my cataract surgery on the 8th and one of my follow-up appointments on the 16th.  It will be tight but doable but depending on how this eye heals up he may have to do the bulk of the driving.

Then the end of July Hubs and/or I will be involved with helping them move down to NC.  The South in late July....meh...not my favorite thing but as long as I have a/c I can deal. lolz

I am happy to help my kid anyway I can but this means any plans for a Summer road trip for me the last half of July is out for this year. 8-(
August means getting College Boy ready and off back to school  the 2nd weekend that month as he has to go back a week early due to Marching Band.

Then late August we can take a deep breath and exhale......

There were tentative plans for a quick trip to Maine late August too before all this "life" happened which probably won't happen now either.

The Reunion is end of September and then we go to OC in mid October.....OC may happen or may not at this point too.

Then we get into the Fall and Christmas and how knows what will happen by then.
Perhaps a trip South for Christmas or Thanksgiving?  I know that would thrill my sister in-law if we could spend the Holidays with them. (Oldest will only be 2.5 hours from them too once in NC.)   ;-)

Oh happens and things change.....constantly!

I'm just going to take things as they come for the rest of the year.  That way I won't be disappointed if things  don't work out how I have things planned in my head.

2015 is turning into the "Year of Flux" here at Chez Sluggy.
And I am keeping an open mind about it all.

So that's the news here.
What's going on in your world?
Any big changes or life events or just the "same old, same old" in your life?



  1. Oh gosh! I hope the hubs's issue is just an annoyance and nothing serious. I will put good vibes out into the universe for him and also for the apartment hunting in NC. Congrats to your son on getting a teaching job.That's awesome.

    The big events here are just that we've been cleaning up the cottage where we used to live because BIL (who owns it), is coming down for a visit next week. He's planning on meeting with a rental agent to get the place rented out. We will be so happy to be free of having to maintain that place.

    Then, since the whole family will be together we're going to have a memorial service for my inlaws. Lots to cram into next week plus I'm going to a new hire meeting for my new job. This is our big hump week to get over. Afterwards we want to relax a little and go to the beach!

  2. YAYZ for teacher son; hope hubby's illness is nothing serious.

    SSDD for us; spouse's nephew graduated high school on friday and is headed for basic training in the air force.

    staying inside cause it's too damn hot to do anything. but there are multiple chores to do indoors, so...

  3. I hope that your hubby's blip is minor... things are good here...

  4. Here's hoping for a mild annoyance.
    School is out for my brood, so I am trying to find that happy medium between letting them goof off and insisting they, well, DO SOMETHING!
    Congrats to your son...and to you too on all your kids!

  5. I spent the night in agony because of gall bladder or something. Friday, the doctor took blood sample for a condition rare enough that they sent it far away, not to local labs.

    Here's hoping Hubs gets good news. Me too!

    If you re going to move anyone to the South this summer, I would suggest you take a supervisory position indoors in front of ac AND a fan.

    I do believe every word you say about school positions.

  6. As with many things on life its not what you know but who you know!! I hope it's only a mild hiccup in your hubbys health.

  7. Good wishes for the Slug-Mister!

  8. I am always curious to hear about the news or your goings-on.
    "I lead a dull life" was my uncle's motto.

  9. Best thoughts and prayers (I understand that my not be pc, but sincere) that your hub's issues are only a minor hiccup.
    Have fun helping your son find a place to live as he starts his teaching career.
    p.s. It seems nepotism in school hirings is almost universal

  10. I'll worry for hubs and pray. He is being difficult. ;p
    I'm so glad that your son got a job!!! Maybe he can lead the way for Anna. Why did we have kids again?


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