Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shopping Deals on Monday--Moneymaker 'Poo & Cheap Cheese

I went up to Rite-Aid Monday morning to get a prescription and was going to do a moneymaker shampoo deal while I was there but doofus me, I forgot to bring the coupon I needed for that deal. argh!

So it was off to Weis(PMITA)Markets next to do a few deals.  I made a boring video which is HERE explaining what I bought.

I had gotten a $10 OYNO Catalina on Saturday when I went up to Weis to get a couple of gift cards for Hubs for Father's Day.  That also earned me 10¢ in gas points too.
I used the $10 Cat to help pay for the groceries I bought in the video trip and thusly saved 79% over reg. retail.

After lunch, I then went back up to Rite-Aid(remembering to bring the coupon this time!)and bought this awesome MONEYMAKER.........

4 x Suave Professionals Shampoo on sale $2.50ea.=$10.00

I used these coupons--
1 x $3/2 Load2Card Suave Professionals Q=$3.00
1 x $3/2  Suave Gold Infusion Professionals ManuQ(Sunday's insert)=$3.00
Coupon Total.....$6.00

$10-$6=$4 + .24¢ tax=$4.24

I used $4 in Plenti Pts. on my card and put .24¢ on a Rite-Aid gift card so Zero OOP.
I earned  400 new Plenti Pts.(2 x 200 per 2 bottles bought).

I also clipped the $3/2 Suave Professionals Q on my Saving Star account so I'll get an electronic $3 cash rebate too.

Bring home 4 bottles of shampoo for free and get $3 cash back??
Yes, please!

Then I went back to Weis to do that Kraft Cheese Deal again.....

4 x Cracker Barrel cheese blocks on sale $1.99=$7.96(shelf price of $15.96)
Instant $5 off $15 shelf price purchase....

I used that surprise $1 OYNO Catalina Q from buying those DiGiorno pizzas last week.

$2.96-$1=$1.96 OOP for 2 lbs. of cheese.
And a 87% savings rate....woot!

I'll be going back to do this cheese Deal a few more times as I need to be out doing errands this week.
Even without using that $1 Catalina this cheese breaks down into .74¢ a block with that $5 Instant Discount.





  1. I never ever get deals like that around here. NEVER! And even when it does seem like something is a fair price, they are out of it!!!!!!!
    But I am happy for you. Now how many times are you going to run this deal?

    1. Well I did it 2x Monday and I will do it 2x more Wed. before and after my dr. appointment. Nothing planned for the rest of the week but I am sure I'll squeeze in another few visits until the fridge is bursting with cheese! lol


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