Friday, June 26, 2015

What I Stockpile

Somebody inquired, since I stockpile when I find a great sale, what exactly do I stockpile.

So here are the specific items I'll buy in quantity when it goes to a rock bottom price.  Basically it includes the items which are staples for us.


*  Olive Oil
*  Canned tomato products(tomato paste, crushed/diced/pureed tomatoes)
*  Canned Green Chiles
*  Single serve fruits(for Hubs lunches)
*  Cheese
*  Meats(all kinds except sliced deli meats)
*  Fish
*  Butter
*  Pie Crust mix
*  Oatmeal
*  Coffee(whole bean)
*  Tea Bags
*  Chicken or Veg. Stock
*  Panko
*  Flour
*  Sugar
*  Pasta
*  Canned Chili
*  Reduced Fat Mayo/Mustard/Ketchup


*  Toilet Paper
*  Baby Wipes
*  Facial Tissues
*  Garbage Bags
*  Dish Soap
*  Laundry Detergent
*  Dishwasher Detergent
*  Shampoo
*  Deodorant
*  Toothpaste
*  Toothbrushes
*  Q-Tips
*  Razors
*  Cough Drops
*  Pain Relievers

This all doesn't include any canning or freezing of fresh produce/fruit I do every late Summer/early Fall.  I like to can my pepper relish and tomatoes.  I don't can jellies or jams basically because we just don't eat much of that sort of thing(we prefer to just eat fruits in season).  I like to freeze/preserve green beans/yellow wax beans and sometimes corn on the cob, red and yellow bell pepper strips and puree pumpkin(if I can get those items very cheaply and locally). 

While I do buy things like spices, spaghetti sauce, rice, dressings, peanut butter and raisins in quantities, when it goes on sale I don't really stockpile these things.  Like the salad dressing this was an awesome price ($1 for a 16 oz. bottle)but I don't need 12 bottles, 3 was enough.  Same with jarred spaghetti sauce-I like to have some on hand for those nights I can't get it together to make my own sauce so I have 3-4 jars in stock.  And spices lose their potency if kept too long so those I don't overbuy when RBP.  I keep a supply of these other items but we just don't go through it fast enough to warrant using up my limited stockpile space on them.

So do you stockpile?
What are the specific items you tend to stockpile?




  1. tomato puree, pasta, jasmine rice, sugar, flour, cornmeal, instant potatoes, salad dressing. I don't have much space, so I am limited; besides, it's just the 2 of us.

  2. Pretty much all the same toiletries you do. I also stockpile easy muffin mixes (the ones you add milk to- only I add nonfat dry and water). Fast breakfast treat for my kids. We also stockpile granola fixins keeping the organic plain wheat germ and sesame seeds in the freezer to keep from going rancid. Dried coconut (unsweetened of course) and canned peaches & pineapple. Raisins and unsalted dry roasted nuts and raw almonds. Honey, white sugar, canned pumpkin, tuna and soups.

    Trying to be better about rotating my stock. See my food waste Friday post you'll understand why.

  3. Well yes and no. Trying to eat it down and boy have we. But I stock about the same things you do. We do have long term storage of wheat, legumes, salt, sugar. I am a scratch cook so I will stockpile butter, and when the chickens lay I don't need eggs.

  4. While it doesn't seem like I stockpile like I used to, we still have a well stocked pantry. Clearly, I don't need to buy like we did when we had 3 kids at home or even when we had 3 young adults coming to "shop" our pantry. I do have a good supply of most HBA items we use, though nowhere the quantity we used to, Most food items we just pick up a couple extra when it is on sale. We rarely have to "go to store" for a specific item, other than milk or diet soda.


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