Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ocean City Fall Vacation 2013 Part 2

On Day 2 of our Ocean City trip we were in Milton Delaware to tour the Dogfish Head Brewery.

Since I was in a wheelchair due to a blood clot in my ankle we got a "special" individual tour.
Since the regular tour involves climbing stairs and walking around on elevated platforms one of the Dogfish Head employees named Chris took us around the facility and behind the scenes.

The links on Youtube to those videos are here--

I realize that a brewery tour is not everyone's "cup of tea" but if you like this sort of thing, have a look.  Our tour guide Chris was very personable and enlightening and a good spokesman for the Dogfish Head brand.

Here are some random shots taken during the tour....lots of stainless steel and tanks and massive wooden barrels......

Then some shots of the public areas...........

 The ladies in the front office/reception.  (It was close to Halloween to explain the spider web thing. lol)

The mobile food truck(lunchbox) outside which was not open on our visit.

Giant holding tanks on the side of the complex.

After the tour, the free tasting that DFH offers and spending a big wad of cash in their gift shop(!!!)we headed back toward Rehoboth for dinner as it was getting about that time.

We decided to hit the Dogfish Head Pub for dinner before heading back to Ocean City.

There was a spirits(hard liquor)distillery upstairs with a tour but we were not up to doing that one too, so we just had dinner and drinks..........

A pair of steaks and fries with drink pairings.....

We even sprung for desserts......what a spendy dinner!

 Hubs had a brad pudding concoction....

And I had a chocolate blue cheese cheesecake.  This is just too too rich and I took most of it back to the hotel!

I took a shot of Hubs outside the Pub after dinner to commemorate his awesome beer soaked day.....

Then a couple of strangers offered to take our photo together......

We made copies and enclosed this one in our Christmas cards in 2013.

We took the coastal road back to OC, using the newly completed Indian River Inlet Bridge between Rehoboth and Bethany DE.

They light up the cables at night holding the bridge.......

 Sorry for the glare on the windshield and the bugs. lolz

It is kind of cool though.

Thus ended Day 2 of this trip.




  1. Beer, steak and cheesecake? Sounds dreamy :)

  2. I have never seen the inside of a brewery. That is a lot of stainless steel.

    The only chocolate I have never been able to consume was brownie at BJCC at the Christmas village craft show. It lasted me three days even though I tried to finish it off.

    I just picked up that picture off the floor where it drifted down from a stack of pictures on a table.

  3. This post is making me very thirsty....


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