Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 1st Net Worth

Net Worth calculations have been done for June 1st.
I don't share the actual amount here but I do track it's movement up or down.

The non-retirement monies are up $3,158.98 and the retirement monies are up $6,181.04 from May1st for a grand total gain of $9,109.54 in savings.

We are up a total of  $114,661.50 from a year ago, June 1st 2014.
And that gain is with a very conservative "almost ready to retire and start spending the money" investment mix.

Yay....go us!

I love how, even though we aren't "in the market" any longer, since we have such a nice amount of $ saved, that even just compounding interest gives the accounts a nice boost.  8-))

How is your Net Worth doing?
Did your savings go up last month?



  1. Someday I want to be able to say I'm doing a fraction as well. My net worth is in the toilet. But I keep fighting, because who wants to stay in the toilet, right? It stinks down here!

  2. My net worth? I am worth more dead than alive!

  3. We use to be in the toilet years ago. Some days I never thought we'd be in thee position we are in now but we persevered.
    Keep swimming!

  4. Replies
    1. The $ in reg. banks earned is pitiful, but the retirement funds are invested so between what we can save from our income AND what the retirement monies earn each year we do ok.

  5. My wife is an adjunct professor at two community colleges. She is underemployed, and with that, underpaid. During the two regular semesters, I have to save for summer's downtime. She teaches one class during the summer, so she get a very reduced pay for June and July, and no pay at all for August and doesn't get paid until the end of September. So, I have to set funds aside for those 4 months. I'm worried this time, because we had some car repair expenses to the tune of about $2000. Since both cars are paid for (and we even got one due to an inheritance), I am considering our repairs as reverse car payments! Any way, no fun! We will probably make it, but we always have our investments to fall back on if need be. Essentially, our net worth remains steady, despite our situation. We don't have extra to invest or save beyond what we need to get through the summer. When (if) she gets a full-time job, we will buy a house, which will reduce our housing out-lay significantly. She will also make more money and be eligible for benefits. Then, we will have the money to send toward investments and her retirement. Life is tough right now, but we will keep on going.

  6. Yes, working with essentially a non-regular income(not being paid the same amount every month)makes covering your reg. bills difficult without a lot of planning.
    I hope the job prospects for full employment improve soon.

    1. There's a glimmer of hope. The college where my wife is working heard from her boss, who heard from her boss, that if there's money in the budget, they will be hiring a biology instructor. This would occur in about January 2016. But, they also need a nursing instructor. Still keeping our fingers crossed, but not holding our breath! BTW...I have planned well for several years, but I think we will be scraping through this particular year. Feeling vs. knowing for sure... I'll know better as time goes on.

  7. we did manage to save a little money in May, not enough to satisfy me, but enough to see a little increase, which is better than nothing!

  8. Yay go you!!!!
    You are so close to being able to retire. Just think you will be able to drive all over the country and stop here for all kinds of fun!!!!!

  9. This reminds me that I need to check and see how my retirement accounts are doing. I haven't checked them in a couple of months, I don't think. I have funds in my two largest accounts invested very aggressively so it will keep growing since I don't expect to be able to retire for a while. I make financial planner I know very nervous. LOL!

  10. I have no idea (alas) if I am anywhere near 'retirement ability'


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