Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happenings at Chez Sluggy Lately

                        Sign seen on my travels last month.

* I had my final post op check-up for my cataract surgery.  It's basically all healed up and my vision is enough for me not to need glasses to drive anymore....at least in that eye.
After wearing glasses for the last 46 years this is quite a change in my life!  And I still find myself reaching for my glasses every morning when I get out of bed. ;-)

Now it's on to the other eye's surgery appointment early July.  I just hope I don't go beserk and kill someone before July comes because I can't see well and I am cranky.

* While mulling over how much to budget in June for food spending, I realized I could possible go the whole month and not spend anything on food.
I don't mean not buying food and eating just what is already here.....I mean I can use gift cards and store scrip I have to pay for groceries.

Here's what I have on hand to pay for groceries in lieu of withdrawing cash from the bank--
$25 gift card to Price Chopper(gotten last Fall at Church auction, I forgot I had this!)
$100 gift cards(2x$50) for Walmart(gotten free with c/c pts.)
$100 gift card for Target(ditto)
$20 in store scrip at local Shursave affiliate grocer(gotten with a promotion there last month)

That comes to $245.
Not quite enough to cover a $400 food budget for June but if paired with what is already here at the house it's highly do-able.

Well any notion of doing this went out the window last Wednesday when I hit 3 stores about spent $185+ total. lolz

I will use the Shursave scrip this month at least and as for the other gift cards, I'll play it by ear.

* I was contacted while on the way home from Louisiana last week by the Social Media Team at Chobani about participating in a campaign for the possibility of receiving some free yogurt.
The email started....."Hi Linda!"(Yes, with an exclamation mark.)

WTG Chobani Social Media Team.  You want me to sell my soul to the Probiotic Devil for some over sugared yogurt(might, might not get this)and you can't even get my name correct.
Let's just put that big old "L" on the forehead now, shall we?

* I spent a couple of days out in the front yard trying to chop down the jungle of weeds that have sprouted up along our flower bed.  Yes, whatever neighbors where peeking at me through their closed drapes got a full view of my BPWA(big pasty white ass)as I bent over and pulled and/or used scissors to hack off weeds(the ones I couldn't pull up by the roots due to my reduced hand strength).

Front flower bed before............

And the after on Sunday after we planted some flowers.......

Still need to mulch the bed and rake some dead leaves and such.
I haven't heard of any increased incidents of eye injuries from gazing upon the BPW in the area so we all survived this adventure believe it or not.  ;-)

* Do you know  how long it takes a college student to unpack after moving back home for the Summer?  Around here that would be 30 days.
And that "short" timeline is only because a not-so-nice, crazed mom I know(ahem, hem) started yelling after Day 30 of not being able to walk into his room.  He had began annexing the upstairs hallway as well like some kind of mini-Hitler taking over Poland too, so I had to step in and put a stop to this.
Nein, nein, nein!
Ist verboten!!

CB can't seem to fit all his clothing into his dresser/closet/downstairs hall closet.  Now that's a sure sign that he has enough clothing.

* Despite going on a 2 week vacation, eating pretty much what I wanted to and not riding my exercycle I did NOT gain any weight.  I am sure swimming 9 of the days we were gone helped.

Yay!  I am back in the saddle now and back up to 2 miles a day on the bike. 
Speaking of which I need to go log some miles now.  8-)

So what has been going on in your life lately?



  1. I think people actually slow down to gaze at gardening "scenery," so if you heard any cars idling slowly, and then they'd take off as soon as you turn around to see what's going on...

    Do they actually unpack after college? I have heard, "Do you know where this and that polo shirt is?" Oh yeah, I was actually accused obliquely, as in: (exact words) "Is there a large repository of shirts somewhere? Because I can't find..." I pointed out the laundry basket in his own room, full of his own weeks-dirty clothes, and he said, "OH YEAH!"

    I think I would be inconsolably cranky with substantially unequal vision. I already have that to some degree, but to be able to see with one eye and not with the other would be a real grouch-maker.

  2. I'm so proud of you for biking. And for getting the boy not to be a Hitler.
    Summers are always crazy, lets just blame the children.
    So come to my house and pull weeds, they are taking over around the pool. Really, show up and show me your ass.

  3. You will love having both eyes done. I also need a few flower beds weeded and my neighbors will not look I promise. As for college boy, we miss them until about 30 days are gone by and then.........

  4. I'm unsure about the cataract thing. I always thought that you could just pop out one of your lenses on your old pair of glasses to get good (enough) vision until you get the other eye done. I don't think I could stand not having my vision correct for so long! I will eventually get my cataracts done, and I don't know what I'm in for.

  5. NO GLASSES - YAYZ!!!!!

    nothing happening down here, SSDD.

  6. Sometimes, the urge to bend over outside in my nightgown suddenly comes over me. I often wonder who is grossed out.

    The done eye with 20/20 does not allow me to read without aid. The one left with a cataract allows me to barely read. I can see distance just fine. I am now confused along with dizzy.

  7. Great post! You'll have to visit me at my blog to see what's up. There's way too much to write it out again here!

    Peace <3

  8. I am very cranky when I can't see, like if I forget my glasses when we go out somewhere. I'd be anxious to get that second eye done too.

  9. I am still impressed that you can do all you have been/are doing between cataract surgeries. But since you have to wait so long, I am really glad you are able to. I was just worthless in between.

    I still find myself reaching for my glasses. Of course since I have to wear reading glasses, sometimes I DO need to reach for them. Confusing sometimes!


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