Friday, November 25, 2011

The Darkest Day of the Year is Here!

*It's 3 am and I am headed to bed after staying up too too late to pack up things that sold on eBay and need to ship out today.  Don't make too much noise and wake me as y'all head out the door to shop, if you are so inclined.
Here's a repeat of my teeny rant last year on Black Friday.
The clip at the end is funny yet too close to the truth sometimes to be hilarious.


Will you be out with the Shopping Fanatics on Friday morning?
Or will you be snug in your bed or headed to work at that early hour?
Me?....I don't 'do' Black Friday.

Besides the fact that I don't have many people to buy "stuff" for during the Holidays, it's rare that I want/need something so badly at an insanely low price that I'd brave the traffic headaches, go out into the Chaos of Crowds and stand in lines a mile long to pay in order to save money on an electronic/appliance/toy/article of clothing/etc.
But that's just me I suppose....
Hey, I am all over a great deal but even I have my limits.

If you do have the "Shopping Monkey on your back" and you'll be hitting as many stores as time will allow in a Shopping Bachanalia, remember that all that "stuff" you buy needs to fit into your already crowded with "stuff" home and once you are done with the new "stuff", it will most likely end up clogging up a landfill somewhere....and we are fast running out of places to dispose of all our unwanted "stuff" on this planet.  Consider these points and buy judiciously if you have to purchase "stuff".

The teens mostly want cash or gift cards and Hubs and I don't need more "stuff". I'm going to try to find ways to support local businesses this year when I do buy.
I'll try to find gift cards/certificates to buy off of local small merchants(for consumables or experiences mostly)and try to stay out of the big box stores.

Speaking of big box stores and Black Friday, have a lookie at this SNL skit and tell me that this isn't where we are headed.....

Since I sold a few things on eBay on Thanksgiving(bless all those cyber shoppers with nothing to do but watch football on Thursday!lol) I'll be packing and shipping when I'm not strolling down the aisles at Rite-Aid on Friday seeing what food/HBA items I can bring home for free(or close to it).

Whatever you are doing on Black Friday, stay safe, stay sane and stay warm!



  1. I don't do Black Friday shopping anymore. We have had a shooting, a stabbing, and there are tons of fist fights every year. No thank you, that happens at my house almost every Thanksgiving! LOL

  2. Love that clip! Especially the free box cutter to every customer. Nope, didn't do shopping today. I spent most of it cleaning my Anthony's house. I love to clean and he paid me. It was like Christmas!

  3. SonyaAnn--LOL....why leave home when you can get all those joys, huh? I am betting there is also lots of drinking also at home.....

    Mark--It made me giggle last year and it still does this year. The only shopping I did was to run up to Rite-Aid for the $10+Ups wyb a $50 gift card to home improvement stores. I spend $ at home improvement stores(what home owner doesn't?lol)anyway, so I tied up a little cash into a gift card to use next time I need to fix something in the Chez Sluggy.....and I got $10 in +Ups for my trouble. OMG!...that means I am back on the Rite-Aid +Ups Crazy Train now, doesn't it?lol


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