Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Passes for My Life Lately......Pretty Boring Stuff Ahead

I use to have a travel mug back when I was a student doing summer stock theater jobs.
The mug had a little man standing in a vise with the caption, "Oy! The pressure."
I wish I could find a photo of it online to share with you all.

That mug was sooo apropos during that time of my life.
And I sure wish I had that mug for THIS part of my life too!

Firstly, I am slowly feeling better.  Besides leaving me with very colorful bruises, that accident knocked alot more out of me than I had thought previously.....or it could just be that I didn't take the time to slow down long enough to recover fully.  Yah, it's probably the latter.
Here are some awesome photos of parts of me I took late last week......if you are squeamish, scroll past them.
First my shoulder....how many colors can you see?lol

Then my leg.....
The bruise started on the left side and capillaries under the skin burst and spread that lovely rosy hue all the way across my leg.

And lets not leave out my knee, the left one.....
I didn't even see it for a week since it was on the side.  I wondered why my knee hurt....duh!lol

Everything is fading away as of this morning and I should not look like a domestic violence victim much longer. 8-)

Here is a photo from the French Honor Society ceremony.  The lighting is atrocious in our auditorium on the stage area but passable on the apron(or front of the stage area).
Daughter is the VP of the French Club so she and her buddy who is the Prez of the FC had to read stuff en francais during the ceremony.
Daughter is the dark blurry one on the right in the photo....

Here is the whole group of inductees on the stage apron.......
Daughter is 2nd from right end in the front.
#2 son who was inducted into the Society for the first time is on the far left in the white shirt.


Tomorrow is the National Honor Society ceremony so I'll hobble back to the school to see Daughter go through that ceremony for the third time.

On Friday I got to drive across PA to take #1 son to the camp where he works for the summer.
His girlfriend met us part way so I didn't have to drive the full 5+ hours there and back again.
I also got to finally meet her.  We had a nice lunch and then I got back on the road for the trip home.
I did snap this shot of them both before I took off....

Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning out.  It was beastly hot here(even hotter today!)so Hubs put the A/C units in.  Since the weather and my body(the day after the accident)didn't cooperate last week, the garage sale didn't happen.  I had #1 son put all the spare toiletries put in the living room to sort and price for the garage sale.  Since the sale didn't happen yet, we moved all the toiletry boxes into the now cleaned out garage because family will be showing up beginning this Sunday for the Graduation festivities and we need the living room cleared out for sleeping accommodations. So we moved all those boxes into the garage....

And I've begun organizing and putting things up on the shelves already.  I counted 20 boxes of spare toiletries......good gosh!
Still no idea when this garage sale will happen but it HAS TO so I can reclaim my garage!!lol

We cleared out a flower bed on Sunday....
Here's Daughter hacking off branches on a tree we were removing.  There were 3 trees that took root in there the past few years and started growing.  Those 2 rhododendron bushes were half the size when we moved here.  Not only have they taken over the flower bed, there is a little fir tree to the left and back of the bush on the left that has been overtaken.  We took down the 3 trees, trimmed back the rhodo. on the left and took out the rhodo. bush on the right. 
We still have more work to do in there(like digging out the stumps and moving the little fir tree to a different spot)but that will wait until school lets out and #2 son can do the grunt work.

Monday we did what most red-blooded Americans do on national holidays.....we went shopping. ;-)
Daughter needed some more new clothes and Hubs needed to replace some dress pants for work so we hit a few sales.  Then we got Chinese for lunch and headed home.  It was a good day to be in a/c'ed stores since it hit a muggy 87 yesterday. 

So that pretty much catches you up on the Life 'o Sluggy.

What was your weekend like?  Any exciting goings on?



  1. Those look like some pretty deep bruises. Hope they fade away soon and aren't too sore.

    I forgot to mention in my post but I actually did a little shopping yesterday, too. My tennis shoe hierarchy was down to just mowing shoes and starting to look crappy every day shoes. I ended up buying a pair of tennies for "nice" and an extra pair to set back for the next time I need to demote them all. I figure since they were on a good sale, why not get two and save myself a trip later on?

  2. We put our AC in too. We use the old "window rattlers." I have been starting to look at houses through the MLS on-line and if a home is not forced hot air, I don't even consider it! With hubs working in refrigeration, we'll be able to install Central A/C for cheap.

    But until then, he schelps the window unit from the attic, we put it in place and I tape all sorts of cardboard around it so no air escapes back outside. It's ugly, but it works!

    TBG just informed me that we only have $200 deductible on the trailer... makes it not seem quite so bad when it's $300 less. One thing we love about our RV, is that it's got AC!

    ps. love those technocolor bruises!

  3. Annie J--"tennis shoe hierarchy"....lolol
    I'm the same way...if I find something that fits and I like(for a good price), I buy multiples.
    I have gone from a shopping maven to a shopping hater over the last few years(except groceries/HBA), so anything I can do to not have to shop is all good.

    Alex M--I agree that $200 is ALOT BETTER than $500 for a deductible! Very nice. We have never had to put the rattlers in the winders this early in the season...bleh. If only the pool was ready to dive into, I could handle this heat better. ;-)

  4. Those bruises look worse than the bruises I got when I tore the meniscus on both knees at different times. If the knee hurts in three weeks,an MRI might be in order. I hope not.

    I have bushes and trees like that. Now that I cannot mow the lawn even with my little reel mower and cannot handle the lopper or ben much, the edges of the yard have gone to pot. A guy came and gave the lawn a very rough cut today for $10. Okay, rough is okay. The volunteers remain...lol.

    The pictures are always so infomative. Love the rhododendron. Get well.

    Lovely colors on the bruises!

  5. Oh my gosh!! Those bruises look so painful. I hope you are feeling better. Could you talk to my husband for me--I so want to trim--read get rid of--some of the landscaping that came with the house. He says no--I guess I'll have to do some "trimming" when he's at work--can't right now though--the birds with nests wouldn't' appreciate me much. We've been in the upper 90's for the past few days--finally, I'm warm!! Have a great week. Take care.

  6. Girl, get you some arnica now! Get the cream or gel and also the homeopathic pills you take internally. You need both. I swear it will help you heal up much faster.

  7. Ow, Ow, OW!!!! You are sooo lucky that those bruises aren't covering up worse injuries, but I'll bet you still feel crappy - soft-tissue injuries like that take so long to come back from (and the older we get, the longer it takes :P). I hope you're feeling lots better soon!

    Isn't this heat a b*tch?! We got so tired of the window-rattler A/C schlepping every May and then out again in Sept that we finally sprang for central air/heat pump conversion on our house about 5 years back. That would be at the top of my list for the smartest big expenses we've ever undertaken! Now that I live on my own, I can't even imagine trying to install those d*mn window units alone, in this heat, OMG.

    Feel better soon!!!!

  8. "domestic violence victim"-LOL. Just tell everyone that you are a semi-pro UFC fighter.
    And you have some pretty cute and impressive kids.

  9. Did you say that this post was going to be boring? You lied! It was packed full of stuff. And you even added some skin to spice it up for you male readers. I should try adding sex appeal to my blog and see where that gets me.
    I'm glad that you are healing but that looks like some serious welts on your body. Sorry about that. And, I bet you drove right through Harrisburg and didn't even care to stop. Did you? m.

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