Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chaotic Times.....The World Isn't Ending Yet!

First, I am SO glad that the world did not end last Saturday.
I just don't have time for that to happen right now....ya know? 8-)

Here are a couple of photos from a couple of weeks back.
First my daughter before she left for Prom......

She had a frugal-ish Prom.  The dress is the same one she wore/bought last year.  No multiple dresses were bought by the parents in preparation for Prom like some girls & parents do.  And it's a style she can wear and has worn outside of Prom occasions.  The shoes she already had and the necklace she bought last year.

Unfrugal would be the amount of money she spent on having her hair did.  She paid that bill herself and her eyes about bugged out at the price tag for some curling and hairspray. ;-)

Daughter has legs that go on for days.  Thankfully she didn't inherit my genetic code for short stumpy stumps.

And here is #2 son a few Saturdays ago when his musical friends came over to jam.....

The neighborhood got serenaded briefly.
Those tiny little amps sure ratchet up the volume....

Now this is where I apologize to all my readers and blogging friends for my lack of posts, effort and commenting/reading their posts this past week.
The accident threw a complication into my already falling apart plans for the week.  We've been dealing with insurance companies(notably an especially unfriendly-dare I say hostile-adjuster for the other driver's insuror), towing companies, hospital reports/forms and salvage yards.  Between jumping through these hoops and my elevated stress level, I've been a tad distracted.

The forecast kept saying RAIN on Saturday so I backed off of holding the Garage Sale and didn't advertise it at all.  Of course, Saturday morning the sun is shining and it's a glorious rain-free day.
Man makes plans and God laughs.....

We did get the Garage clean-out DONE....yay!  But since the Garage Sale didn't happen, I still have many boxes of HBA stockpile in the living room still.  After #1 son goes through it today to extract what he needs for the summer, we'll have to get it all moved to the there goes the cleaned garage.
But at least once the Garage Sale does happen, everything will already be there, organized, ready for me to set up the tables, put it all out and price.  Of course until I have the sale, the garage will be less navigate-able.
So I am hopeful that by this evening I'll have a mostly cleared out living/dining room, except for the furniture, and it will be ready for the 'relatives' onslaught which begins on June 5th.

Presently, I'm buried in Salvation and Salvation Army wannabee stuff.  Hubs trunk is almost full again, I've got items to take pictures of and I've got boxes of stuff to finish going through today.

Oh, and I have to drive #1 son across the state on Friday to his summer job since their car is totaled and IF we ever see any money for it from the responsible party's insurance company it won't be soon enough to get another vehicle for them before they both leave for the summer.   This accident has totally jacked up our plans for the summer but at least we all survived it. ;-)

Add in the end of the year regular craziness and it's full blown Pandimonium here!

And I need to go back to Rite-Aid today but nothing new about

So that's why I've been MIA lately.
More on this story as it develops.....



  1. "buried in Salvation" ??? You were baptized?

    My insurance company always handles the other person's insurance company. With the witnesses you had, I am wondering how anyone can refute what happened. Sorry about the stress level.

  2. Yeah, I was starting to think that you hated me. See how insecure I am. Take care of yourself first and we'll see you around eventually.
    And, your daughter is lovely!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Practical--No, buried in Salvation ARMY donations....according to organized religion, there is no hope for my

    The problem right now is that they policeman hasn't filed his report yet as he's been off all week until today....welcome to a small town with a part time police force. The liability issue should be cleared up shortly....then we get to fight with their insurance company over how much the car was worth. oy!

    Mark--thanks...I think so too. ;-) Daughter seems to be much happier with her body image since she lost some weight over this past year.
    I been looking at your picture...very nice as always but I feel lame just saying 'nice pictures' over and over again. Once you get back to reading words I'll be leaving my pithy remarks again. lol

  4. Mark is funny.
    I hear ya honey! Since we aren't dealing with another insurance company its been easy on that end but we are going to have to pay $500. Yuck.
    Your daughter is beautiful and your son looks talented!

  5. SonyaAnn--Yah, it's easier when you aren't dealing with another company but it sucks that he didn't have insurance. You can always sue him but if he didn't have insurance he prolly has no money to sue him for....ya can't win some days. 8-(
    Is the $500 your deductible?

  6. I wanted to comment on your accident but blogger was conspiring against that. It's good to see that life is going on and that your kid is sharing his talents with the world.

    And keep following up with that claim, it's amazing how something cut and dry can go awry!

  7. Slugmama, you did say "Salvation and Salvation Army...", so it led me to believe maybe you struggled as they dunked you. I thought she looked slimmer than in other pictures. If the dress had made her look so svelte, I was going to buy one like it. Pretty girl.
    In AL, if the driver is uninsured, the driver can lose tage and license. Ask me how I know. Yes, for a brief moment, long ago, I drove without insurance and the person hit me. For six years, I paid $5.month. Finally, someone in the other person's insurance company said I had paid long enough and was still struggling, so they let me off the hook. Remember the song,"Nobody knows the trouble I seen"? If this was a minor, driving without insurance, the parents are on the hotseat.
    I don't even think you have to sue. Just turn him in to the state, well, think your insurance company does that, not you.

    I had a house and car line up, so the rapture would have been okay. Yes, no hope for me either, if you listen to Glad to see you did not half drown.

  8. Beautiful children, love the prom dress & would love to hear some audio on the jam session!


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