Monday, December 7, 2009

Nothing to See Here.....Just Keep Moving....

IF ONLY I looked this good the last few days!!
Let's just pretend that this woman with the flu in the photo is me, okay?
I don't think I look this good on my BEST day, so you can imagine the sight I am at present.

I'll be heading back to my sickbed shortly.  I just got back from a hike up to the PO to mail some eBay stuff that had to go out today as promised.  I just hope to gosh that I sent the barbie to New York & the clown blanket to Great Britain and not vice a versa.
Days like this I wish I had a stunt double who could wash clothes, mail & ship packages, cook dinner, babysit 3 dogs, clean the kitchen, meal plan, vacuum the living room, write out xmas cards so I could just stay asleep and hopefully get over this thing.

The weekend is a blur.  Most of it was spent inspecting the insides of my eyelids or coughing up a lung.  I made hubby take me to Rite-Aid on Saturday so I could finish buying batteries for the Duracell $5 SCR.  I think we also went to the grocery store too.....if I can find a receipt I'll know that happened for sure and isn't just a
We also got a drawn out snowstorm for a day & a half...again, this is just what the kids have told me since I didn't go out except for the quickie to Rite-Aid.
I believe hubby also drug down the Christmas tree this weekend.  I think I saw a big tree-like object as I passed the living room a little while ago.

When I woke up this morning, I was a little more coherent so there is hope I'll recover.
Coherent enough to realize that not only did I forget in my sickly fog to go spend $13 in expiring Cats at Price Chopper by Sat. night, but I also forgot to take my change to the Coinstar machine to get the $10 Bonus thingy by Sunday night!
I realized I had missed the Coinstar deadline today, as I drove into the Weis parking lot to park my car and tote this massive bag of change to the machine.  I looked at my check register and saw that today was the 7th, not the 6th.
I also emailed the guy in Norway this morning, that I sent his package out on friday Dec. 5th.  I've probably caused him to burst into a full blown panic since he's convinced I am a Looney Tunes by now.

And I am barely coherent in this post, even to myself.
Meal Plan Monday?
Ha! cough cough.....
Maybe I'll get to it by Thursday.....but I ain't betting my Theraflu stash on it!



  1. Oh man, sounds awful - hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Sluggy! I hope you feel better soon!!


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