Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Shopping Last Friday

I picked up some grocery deals late last week at Kroger and Walmart....from l to r

3 x Yoplait protein yogurts on clearance .59¢ ea.
1 x Brekki overnight oats $2.89, free after rebate
2 x Nature Made Vitamins BOGO $19.99, $1.99 for both after Ibotta, coupons and KCB
2 x Nature Made Zero Sugar gummies BOGO $18.99, $4.21 moneymaker for both after Ibotta, coupons, Shop Kick and KCB
2 x I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray .29¢ ea. after sale
1 x Dawn Power wash dish soap $2.29
1 x Gillette mach 3 razor .99¢,after coupons and sale
1 x Coke Zero 2 liter FREE after BC coupon
1 x Cretors popcorn snack $4.99 , .20¢ after rebate
1 x Wild Turkey Rye whisky $9.00 after Ibotta and Shop Kicks(comes out of Hubs WAM)
1 x Nature Valley Wafer snacks $4.32, Free after rebate
2 x Barilla Protein pasta $5.04, .04¢ after coupons and Swag Bucks
1 x Gatorade Water(really?)$1.98,  .98¢ after Ibotta
2 x Clorox toilet bowl cleaners $5.36, $2.36 for both after Swag Bucks
1 x 12 ct. box Beneful wet dog food clearance $7.00. $4.20 after Shop Kick
3x Purina One wet dog food cans $5.94, $2.94 after coupon, Swag Bucks, Ibotta
1 x Persil laundry pods $5.44, $1.44 after Shop Kick and Ibotta
4 x Sweet Tart Ropes $5.92, $2.08 moneymaker after Swag Bucks and Checkout 51s

The razor, the laundry pods and the candy are earmarked for the food bank.

I spent $62.53 on all the above.  Rebates earned were $69.91($27.75 Ibotta, $3.00 Checkout 51, $3.00 Shopmium, $6.02 Swag Bucks, $18.18 Shop Kicks, $13.97 Fetch, $4.32 Nature Valley Manu. Rebate, $2.89 Brekki Manu. Rebate and $4.75 Cretors Manu. Rebate)so a $7.38 Moneymaker for all.

Have you found any good deals on items you can use or donate?
Tell us about it.


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