Friday, June 14, 2024

Frugal Friday.......the June 14th 2024 Edition

There are a few Frugal wins over the past week.

* Had an assessment for PT on my right side/back muscle and 1 session of PT this past week.  Again, no co-pays.  Man, this gal works me hard and the back exercises are even harder than the shoulder ones.  Plus my left shoulder still hurts so doing some of the back stuff hurts that arm as I have to brace myself with that arm.  

*  Every PT session I grab a bottle of water from the fridge there.  So free 12 bottles of water so far and counting. 8-)

*  I hit up Walmart on Wednesday........

The spices were all on clearance(one is a gift so we don't count that one in the grocery budget).  The pads are for the food bank(also not counted in groceries)and a moneymaker after coupon and rebate.

*  I picked up this at Dollar General too ........

These were part of their 50% clearance event.  $4.47 for each pack of 64 plates.  These heavy duty name brand ones on this sale were cheaper than store brand ones and it was something we needed.

*  These were picked up this past week.......

These had a free manufacturer's rebate and an Ibotta rebate.

*  I tired to put a CVS deal together..........

We picked up $20 ECB due to buying some gift cards there.  So I had $20 ECB going in.

Well this didn't go as planned really.
I bought the cereal(on clearance for Hubs)and the Peroxides for laundry.  The rest(plus two tubes of Colgate and a canister of Scent Beads not pictured)is for the food bank or a gift.  This was two transactions and totaled $18.53 OOP.  But I earned $22.00 in rebates so it turned into a $3.47 moneymaker and I have $5 in ECB left. So not as bad as I thought. ;-)

*  We got second place in Trivia on Tuesday night and got this.......

a $20 gift card.  Though we did eat there and spent money(doesn't come out of grocery budget)but next time we go we'll use that gift card to help pay for dinner.

*  I also found this on the floor there, when I went to the bathroom.......
A novelty guitar pick.  Interesting.

*  As for Kroger and my KCB account...what a f**king cluster!  Coupons started being grayed out on my app after I used them but I never get the $$ in my account.  I started taking screenshots of those coupons that clearly state they were used but they start falling off my account and still no $$ shows up.  Another two rounds of phone calls to Krappy Kroger Korporate and they give me a case number but nothing ever changes.  Seriously, they need to FIX THIS SHIT or get rid of it!  Some times I get the $$ and some times I don't.  Going forward I won't be eager to do any deal involving KCB AND it I do and I don't get the $$, that/those items are going back to the store for a refund.  I am tired of their games.
The next to last employee I talked to treated me like an imbecile, talking down to me and when I calmly tried to explain that yes, I KNOW how to send my KCB to my shopper's card, and no, that isn't the problem here, he hung up on me. What a jerk! **rant over**

*  I needed new nightgowns as mine are old and getting ratty.  I went online and perused at the fat lady store.  There were having a sale on what I needed but there would also be shipping.
While up at Walmart I found these.....

3 Summer weight night gowns all on clearance.  Regular price of $14.98(these were the sale price at the online store!), marked down to $9 each.  So much cheaper now that I can shop at regular stores and don't have to buy clothes at online fat lady stores. 8-)

*  I found money!

I found this dime at Walmart last Friday by the self-checkout machine.

On Sunday, I hit up the 'ol Walmart again, first to return something.....

Found a dime and a penny at the CS desk on the floor.

Then I found a penny randomly somewhere in the store.

And as I was leaving the self-checkout area I spied another penny by the candy racks.

We went to Trivia on Tuesday evening and I found this in the parking lot........

And then stopped at CVS on the way home and I spied this in the entrance........

Total Found last week.... .25¢ 

Grand Total Found this Year.......$4.96 & 5.30 Euros

That's all I got.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!




  1. You are no longer a fat lady, so no more shopping there. You really never were a fat lady, just comfortably round and lovable.

  2. I have the pink and blue nightgowns, but not the orange because it is sleeveless. I will see if they are on sale.

  3. Nothing really good around here but I went ahead and fully funded my IRA for the year. I’ll transfer funds from the part time job to savings as I’m paid.

  4. Horray for no fat lady store (sharing your joy!). Can do more laundry on a load fit more clothes in a suitcase and move so much easier! Yay!

  5. the I found money section always makes me smile.
    no bargains here or anywhere it seems.


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