Friday, June 21, 2024

Frugal Friday.....the June 21st Edition

There are a few Frugal wins over the past week.

*   Picked up prescriptions at Walmart with no money OOP.  Filling that Humira prescription the first time put me in the Catastrophic category so I pay nothing for medications until the year ends and everything resets.

*  Every PT session I grab a bottle of water from the fridge there.  So free 14 bottles of water so far and counting. 8-)

*  I hit up Walmart on Tuesday after PT........
10 x Cesar wet dog food for $9.80.
2 x G-Fuel drink mix sticks for $13.96
That's $23.76 spent.

I got back $7 on Ibotta, $8.26 worth of points on Shop Kick, $4 on Shopmium, $4 worth of credit on Alexa and $6.98 on VTAGZ for the G-Fuel or $30.24 in cash and credits.

I bought all this at my local Walmart that same day.....

2 x Gatorade Water=$3.36
2 x Beggin' Strips=$6.96
2 x Carefree Pads=$17.46
5 x Dove Hand Soap=$24.85
1 x Colgate Toothpaste=$4.96
1 x Barilla Pasta=$2.52
1 x Soft Scrub Toilet Cubes=$3.77
1 x Soft Scrub Cleaner=$3.27
1 x Dial Body Wash=$3.97
Total....$43.98 after using a free $25 gift card and $7.25 in coupons.

I received back $33.25 Ibotta, $4.12 Shop Kick, $6.00 Shopmium, $3.63 OTC Offer, $5.00 Alexa credit, $4.25 Swag Bucks and $9.50 on Fetch or $65.75 in cash or credits making all this a $21.77 moneymaker.
The pads, pasta, toothpaste and body wash will go to the food bank.

*  Remember that $20 gift card we won at Trivia last week?.....

Well we went back for trivia on Tuesday and the freaking place was closed!  They closed up that day and never notified anyone or even put a sign on the door.  Great!  We win a gift card and now we can't even use it.
So this regional chain only has one location open now so we drove there Wednesday to use the card and play trivia. 

*  So we drove to the bar's other location on Wednesday for trivia and to use this gift card.  This is their last location.  And even though I was scared now to win, we got 3rd place! lol

*  On the way home from the closed bar Tuesday evening, we stopped at CVS so I could use my $5 in ECBs......

2 x Garnier Shampoo on sale=$8.00
1 x Cereal on sale=$1.99
I used a $4/2 Garnier Q and paid with my $5 ECB and .63¢.
I earned back a $2 ECB for the shampoo. Agh, another trip to CVS is on my horizon now. ;-)
This pictured is all bound for the food bank.

*  After PT on Thursday I stopped at where else? Walmart and picked up all this....

1 x Old Spice deo=$12.97
2 x Dove Shampoo=$11.96
2 x Clorox toilet cleaner=$5.36
1 x Crest toothpaste=$8.97
6 x Cesar dog food=$5.88
1 x Bactine liquid bandage=$5.97
2 x Splenda liquid sweetener=$6.99
The only items bought at Kroger were the Splendas, they were BOGO and I got $4.10 from Ibotta(2 x $2 Splenda and a .10¢ any sugar substitute offer).  Plus these were bought on Wednesday got me to my $5 Midweek Bonus.

The rest of the rebates/credits were $22.99 Ibotta(including a $3 Weekend Bonus), $13.34 Shop Kick, $1.50 Shopmium, $4.00 Alexa, $8.50 Swag Bucks, $4.00 TaDa and $2.50 on Fetch.  $60.93 in rebates in total so a $2.83 moneymaker in total on all that.
The deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo will all go to the food bank.

*  As for Kroger and my KCB continues to be a f**king cluster!  The last phone call was with "Charleen" and she can't find the $3.30 from 5/17 or the $12.50  I am owed from 5/19.  She can only see I didn't get a .75¢ KCB offer and put a ticket in.
On Wednesday I get a Korporate form letter from "Mherie Ruth".  After checking with the KCB team it shows that "the offer has already been redeemed on 05/19/2024 with 2 total redemptions".  WTF!  This tells me specifics or identifying information.  It's just word salad.  Then she goes on to tell me how to send my KCB to my shopper's card.  I am not an idiot....I know full well how to do that!  That is not the problem.  So I responded in kind and just laid them out as the worthless pieces of sh*t they are.  ALL the items I didn't get back KCB for are going back to the store(except for the Tortilla chips Hubs ate lol)and I am done with this totally dysfunctional operation.  They would rather dance around customers and talk nonsense to them than Fix. Their. System!  This is a major corporation and there is no excuse for offering a system, making a customer jump through hoops to comply with this system and then deny the customer what they are owed.  Ridiculous.

*  I saw a new neurologist this week.  She is on the ball and gave me the thumbs up to fly to VA and try to have that Focused Ultrasound Procedure.  She doubled the amount of meds I was on for ET too as I was severely under medicated for the condition.   I have now transitioned away from that crappy Healthcare System to a new one that is competent.  I am so relieved!

*  I found money!

I found two pennies in Walmart when I went in to return something on Saturday.  1 penny by the CS desk and another by a self-checkout machine.

This penny was found in a different Walmart on Tuesday.

This penny was found in CVS on Tuesday evening by their self-checkout.

This penny was found on the carpet by the vending machines at PT.  I got there early so used the restroom and spied this coin.

And then I found this dime at the Walmart by PT under one of the self-checkout machines.

Total Found last week.... .15¢ 

Grand Total Found this Year.......$5.11 & 5.30 Euros

That's all I got.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!




  1. So glad you are now in a competent healthcare system! Whew! That has been such a worry I am sure. Makes me wonder what I am facing as ai approach Medicare next year. Cindy in the South

    1. Moving to an unknown area it has been a real PITA finding competent healthcare providers. And we get to do it all over again when we finally move out of here! lol Just make sure you research your options with Medicare. And be prepared to be inundated with email and snail mail solicitations for Advantage plan providers. Such fun! lol

  2. Wow, you got some deals. It makes my head hurt to think about all those rebates and things. I have never gotten into all those apps. Of course my little 'dumb' phone won't allow it anyway! LOL
    Glad you are getting good treatment now!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I am glad too!
      Doing rebating is not for everyone and if I wasn't giving stuff to the food bank I wouldn't be doing it at the level I am now. But there are even more apps and schemes and I don't do....yet so it could be even worse than what I do now. 8-))

  3. So glad you found a good neuro. My husband sees one one Monday for first time since moving here. What med do they have you on. Joyce

    1. Currently on Primidone and Gabapentin, but much larger doses than the Neuro in training had me on. Next month if I report no significant improvement she will add propanolol(which is often used with primidone). Best of luck to your Hubs on Monday.

  4. Thank you. He is on primidone and propanolol . Also Clonsepan which we are sure they will take him off of it. Glad to know there are other meds for it.

  5. I skipped Kroger and bought everything we needed at Aldi for $70 yesterday. That even included some extra bags of beans and a pool float.

    Kroger digital coupons have also sucked lately. The $4 off $20 produce almost never works. And they apply the lowest value coupon if you have multiples loaded for the same item. Annoying to have to go through and remove the small ones before a trip.


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