Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The World Has Gone Crazy!

Here's the latest example I found that the world is out of it's mind.
When I went to order the cushion for my ailing coccyx I got to the last screen and saw this........

Under the blacked out name and address and the shipping line do you see where it says "Add tip"?  Then suggested amounts or a place to put in a custom amount?

Buying something online and they now expect you to TIP them?!?
I have no words.....

I used to work as a waitress for quite a few years.  It's customary in the restaurant business to tip your server as restaurants don't pay a decent wage to servers and their tips are most of their income.  My base wage barely covered the state and federal taxes I had to pay out of my check.  It's a screwed up system(like healthcare and other entities in this country)but it was what it was.   Heck, I even tip when I get a to-go order at a real restaurant(not fast food).  
But now a business with people working in a warehouse pulling and packing orders expect a tip?  But then again, they don't say whom this tip goes to so how am I to know that this amount isn't getting syphoned off by the business owner or the person taking the order or whomever?
I have already shown my "support" for "the team at Cushion Lab" for buying their product.

This is just getting ridiculous!



  1. Yes, yes it has gone crazy. On the flip side, at a local restaurant recently, the pay receipt already had zero listed in the tip column and the total of the meal only. Hubs wondered about that. I said I think it's to encourage a cash tip, which we generally do anyway; the CC or DC processed tips are on record for the IRS.
    They get you coming or going. --Elise

  2. I’m in your camp! I’ve pretty much stopped tipping anyone unless it’s a sit-down restaurant. Ex waitress here, as well, so i also know how low the waitresses ‘real’ wages are. But, tipping for ordering on line? That’s really crossing the line!!
    PS Good going on the weight loss! So impressed!

  3. Agreed, the world has gone crazy!

  4. A year ago, I bought a cookie in a little cookie bakery. The woman held the bag and turned the machine to me after I entered the cc. There was a place for a tip. The way she was looking, I was not sure if I would get the cookie or if she would smash it if I did not tip. I really felt like I was being intimidated, but I did not tip. It was really weird. I wonder if we will have to tip the self-checkout at the grocery soon.


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