Friday, August 12, 2022

Frugal Friday....the August 12th Edition

                 I stole this from Lisa R. on Facebook.  So true! lololz

**Last week's anonymous creeper can come visit me turned out to be Anne in the Kitchen, who is by no means a creeper.  Well at least not to ME. 8-)))

Here's what went on this past week at Chez Sluggy........

*  Last week's antique sewing machine person cancelled at the last minute on Sunday so I took the posting down(why would I want to deal with strangers at this point?)and decided to give said item to Salvation Army.  BUT one of my Rite-Aid buddies has a daughter in-law who wants it so they came yesterday and picked it up.  They also took the almost new deck swing and the collectible Noah's Ark cookie jar.  Still need to donate a chair and 2 area rugs to Sallie's at least.

*  4 more bags of food/toiletries for the Food Bank went out this morning.

*  Another load went to Salvation Army Thursday.

*  The power washer was rented and we got the house scrubbed clean.....

*  I've been using frozen foods for meals and trying my best to eat down the freezer.  The dogs are eating as well as we are because of it. lolz

*  Signed with a realtor on Thursday.  So many papers to sign.....

*  I spent a whopping $3.19 on food this past week so far(needed to make pickles).

*  Trying to use up all my R-A bonus cash.  Most of what I've gotten there lately has gone to the food bank but I'll spend the rest down by buying some needs.

*  I forgot a coupon last Friday so I took it in this week and did a "post coupon".

*  Took a bunch of toiletries to R-A to give to my buddies who work there.  Along with a bunch of tomatoes.  My garden is finally recovered from the BER disease stuff.

*  I found money this past week!  

Tuesday I found this quarter at Rite-Aid under the candy rack.

Then I went to pay the home insurance and spied this penny in the parking lot.

Then I went back to R-A that evening and found another penny behind the drink cooler by the front door.

Another very blurry penny also found at R-A on Wednesday where else? under the candy rack again.

Total Found in last Week.... .28¢
Total Found This Year.....$14.24

*  Still making a daily to-do list to keep me on track and to make sure I get sh*t done.  Some days it goes well, other days not so much.  But it's helping.  There has been lots of packing and decision making on what goes with us, what goes to Sallie's or friends/family and what gets pitched out.
I'll be focusing on the toiletries/guest room today.  All my shoes are packed and I'll pack the clothing I won't be needed anytime soon later today.

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend!  And stay cool.



  1. No frugal deals this week, but am planning a trip to check out Aldi

  2. WOw this is really happening. Call me about what places we want to go on our excursions, I have been looking them over and want to get them booked. Wish I was there to help you!

  3. A really nice person sent a box of stuff. Dexter is happy and I don’t have to buy hair ties for a while. 😀

    I have too many cherry tomatoes so I’ve been blanching and freezing them. Surely they’ll be useful for something later:

    No rain in the forecast so planning to wash a bunch of Dirty Daryl blankets this weekend. He loves blankets and they all smell like dog at the moment. Not a good smell during the summer.

    Jen G.

  4. I kept searching for the link for sheet folding. Since I am a little slow on the uptake when I am sleep-deprived, it took me a while to get the joke! That is about how my fitted sheets look.

  5. I will never look at this picture/painting the same. Lol


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