Sunday, August 28, 2022

Happy 40th!

So today Hubs and I had our 40th Anniversary.

Ex-College Boy came over to give us this card.......

I've always said this family is bilingual....we speak English and Sarcasm. lol

Inside the card was a gift card to a fancy pants restaurant located near where we are going to be living that all three of them contributed to purchase.

My idea of celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary is NOT going through all your earthly possessions and either packing them up or pitching them into the trash but that's how we got to celebrate it.  We bug out of here in 2 weeks and 1 day.

Go us.



  1. Happy Anniversary! I love your ex-college boy’s sense of humor! Lol!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Well, that is one meal you will not have to cook, maybe more when you bring home leftovers. Your children are so talented.

  3. Congratulations sluggy, and good luck with the moving prep.

  4. Love those kids, they are my kind of children.


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