Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Stuff Lately, Doing Stuff & Making Progress?

 June was a very expensive month here at Chez Sluggy.

Between having to replace the mini-split units(just the units, not the compressor)and replacing 6 of our windows in the house(the front of the house gets a great amount of direct sunlight and all the glass seals on those 6 windows were busted)so we can get this place ready to sell had to be done and paid for in June.
That all came to the tune of $6000+  meh.

Two of the new windows in the living room.  The other four are upstairs.

Hubs finished painting the walls last week.  Now it's on to the ceilings(along with a bit of repairs on some ceilings).  I need to paint the folding front hall closet doors.  Then clean up the white baseboard woodwork.

Just one of five photos of molds I took.

I spent this morning counting all the ceramic molds in the basement, taking photos and posting them on Craigslist.  I've got 240 molds.  eek  

I also carted up in my Ikea bags some of the bisque ware that's been squirreled away down there.  I've still got more to go(can't climb stairs with heavy bags but for awhile)but it's a start.  The bisque ware is getting packed in Rubbermaid tubs and will go with us when we move.

If I get no takers on the mold for a cheap price I'll contact local ceramic studios and see if they want the  molds for FREE.  Now who's going to turn down free when it's supplies they can make money off of? ;-)

That's the chore for this week.  Drag bisque ware and pack it and put it into storage and wait for nibbles on the ceramic mold listing.  Oh, and clearing out the living room too.  It's full of shipping boxes and toiletries.

I think another Toiletries Sale is in order too but it's kind of hot here now.

Now I am off to clean the dining room floor where the a/c guys replaced the mini-split as it's dirty as all get out in there.



  1. Your projects are coming along and you'll soon be ready to sell. I feel like a ladder has become a permanent piece of furniture in my entry.

  2. Hi, just reread your comment section so will repost. Thank you for your blog, read it every week and appreciate your sense of humor and the effort you spend. I am worried about Kim at “out your window”, she hasn’t posted recently and she always does…somehow i got the impression you two were friends. Hope she is okay. Signed, Hilogene in Arizona.

    1. Kim doesn't post on Weekends and Holidays usually. She is fine I am sure and will pop up soon with a post. 8-)

  3. What is the story on the molds and bisque?

    1. What do you mean what is the story?

    2. Actually, I was wondering the same thing. I don't remember you mentioning them before, or maybe you did, I don't know. Was this a hobby of yours at one time?

    3. I had a small ceramic studio 22+ years ago before we moved here. Taught painting, poured molds, sold greenware and bisque and sold finished pieces to gift shops and at craft fairs.


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