Friday, July 1, 2022

Frugal Friday....the July 1st Edition

 So here are a very few frugal things that happened here at Chez Sluggy this past week.......

*   Took Sissie out to lunch last Saturday and used a gift card to pay.  Here we are the evening before when Sissie treated me and Hubs.

*  Took Sissie to Ocean State Job Lot later that day and paid for the goodies she got with my free gift card there. (Except for her bottle of sparkling water.)

*  I did minimal food shopping last Friday morning before Sissie arrived for a brief stay.

*  I drove to NJ for a couple of days to see oldest and his wife.  I stopped in Western NJ before crossing over to PA on my way home and filled my gas tank.  Saved .30¢ per gallon on the gas purchase by doing that. 8-)

*   I found money this past week!  

On Monday on the way to see my son and my DIL I stopped at a Rite-Aid over in NJ.

I found the penny in the parking lot and then the dime and quarter at the register under the candy racks.  8-)

Total Found in last Week.... .36¢
Total Found This Year.....$13.41

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend!  



  1. no found money, not big savings on things we need. My daughter cancelled DisnyPlus. We were not collectively sung it much so $7 a month saved. She's looking at where she can tighten her budget after thinking she was going to get her house. C'est la Vie, but still looking where she can reduce.

  2. Nothing major to report from here. Sounds like you had a good week visiting with company.

  3. Nothing much going on here. Zucchini pizza in the oven again to use up the surplus. Zucchini boats tomorrow and then I need to start freezing or giving away. I love it but four plants may have been too many.

    Jen G.

  4. Don't know if this counts as frugal wins, BUT:

    My Short term DB claim got approved so that's money in the bank.

    We got notified of a reimbursement check issued to us in 2018 from our health insurance never got cased so we can have it reissued.



  5. Tommy had to hire someone to mow the lawn regularly, so no savings, just increased spending, along with a regular housecleaner. We are just continuing with our usual thrifty ways.


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