Thursday, July 29, 2021

To-Do List....Yikes! Has it Been THAT Long?

Has it really been April since I did a To-Do List update?  Going through my posts I can only hang my head at being a slacker with this item.

Let's just see what I actually got accomplished in the last 3 months(April, May, June).....maybe I should do this as a quarterly item going forward?

* Pay Bills  DONE  Everything has gotten paid in the 2nd quarter and on time or early.

* Read 1 Book  FAIL  I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to read much, let alone a whole book.  No books were completed in the 2nd quarter.  I seem to levitate toward watching YouTube at night right now instead. ;-)

* Get a Renovation Completed  DONE  It took a bit longer but the first big house project is checked off the list.

Go HERE to read about it if you missed that post.

* Hold Giveaways  DONE  I have done two Giveaways in the 2nd quarter.  Traipsing off to have fun with the twins(Kim and Sissie)in May meant that month's giveaway didn't happen this year but we got back into it in June.

April's goodies....

June's goodies.......

* Mail out Giveaways  DONE  All mailed and received.

* Clean out Inserts/Coupon Envie  DONE, sort of.  I didn't do a thorough monthly envelope clean out in a timely manner.  Again, can I blame going off to play with Kim and Sissie for that one? 8-)

*  Plant Garden  DONE  Anybody want zucchini?  Up to my armpits in those now. lolz

* Finish Editing Old Photos  FAIL  Well, I got some of them edited so I can transfer to the new computer but overall I still have too many to do. sigh.  Will keep going with this until I am done so be prepared to see this FAIL again and again on this list. 8-(

* Post about Old Trips  PASS  I got a couple posted but I am still so far behind on this.  Another one that will keep appearing here until I am caught up or dead(which ever comes first).

* Go to Cousin's Funeral in MA  DONE  

It was a trip mixed with sadness and joys.  Met and/or reconnected with some family I haven't seen in ages and spent some time with my Aunt, my only Aunt who turns 87 in August.  Above are my only two cousins left.

* Work on Genealogy  DONE  I am ALWAYS working on something genealogically related.  Might be mine might be someone else's tree but it brings me joy to research and sharpen my skills such that they are.  While in MA for the funeral I did some digging in my hotel room online for my cousin on his paternal side(my Aunt's ex-husband's line).  He said his dad told them that his day(cousin's grandfather)was from Georgia.  Well Georgia was only a 3 generation stop for that line as I found cousin's 3 x Great Grandparents and their parents(the 4 x Greats)were from South Carolina and I found his 4 x Great Grandfather's Revolutionary war service record.  Boy was he excited about all that. 

* Roll/Spend Bonus Cash  DONE  Another ongoing item on this list.  Before the moneymaker cat food Deal appeared this week at Rite-Aid I only had BC on 2 cards.  sigh.  The goal right now is to spend it all down if possible or get it to where it's roll-able come September(as I'll be otherwise occupied in late August).

* Eat down the Freezer/Pantry  PASS  Giving myself a pass on this one.  I have been buying very little freezer foods and since a lot of my canned goods are still in boxes in the living room(moved so we could hold the Stockpile Sale in June)it's easier to see/dig through them.

* Clean out Garage  DONE  It got partially done for the Stockpile Sale but there is still work to be done out there as the weather permits.

* Organize for Stockpile Sale  DONE  got everything ready and priced the night before and just had to open the garage door at the appointed time and place a few planks of wood on chairs on the driveaway for the overflow.

* Hold Stockpile Sale DONE  Held it on two nonconsecutive Saturdays in June.  The first day was very slow(as it was the same day as the local high school graduation ceremony unbeknownst to me!)and the second sale day was the same day as a multi-neighborhood yard sale being held in y community so lots more traffic and I sold a LOT of product that day.  All in all it was a success and after talking to one of my customers, somehow the subject of genealogy came up(imagine that! lol)we found out we were cousins of some ilk as we both have a notorious person in our lineages.

* Take Donation to Food Bank  DONE  I got no photo of the bags of stuff because Hubs took it up while I was at Sissie's house.

* Put Stockpile Leftovers Away  PASS  This is still a work in progress.  I got everything back up in the Guest room....mostly.   There is a new Food Bank Donation pile started in the living room along with the boxes of canned goods that still need to go back in the garage plus the new bags of stuff on the dining room table.  My house has become a processing center for toiletries! lol



  1. Get to work what do you mean the list isn't done.

  2. Nothing like a to do list to get things done

  3. I'm the smart one that leaves comments on the "no reply" emails. They weren't that interesting, but I will repeat one....I like your bathrm redo!

  4. I love a list and things marked off. You have been busy.

  5. I've got lots of lists and very little done. You're beyond organized.

  6. I am impressed! You have gotten a lot done while traveling around having fun!

  7. Funerals should be a mixture of sadness and smiles yet.


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