Monday, July 6, 2020

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Some of the Garden is Taking Off" Edition..........

I was gone for 15 days(when the garden was barely anything)and this photo happened on July 5th!  Actual broccoli forming on 7 of the 8 plants(the largest looks to be about the size of a baseball as of now).  Things are starting to produce slowly.

Moving On....
Onward to the meal planning-

This is what was planned.........

1. Sunday--Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches
2. Monday--Salad and Pizza
3. Tuesday--FFY
4. Wednesday--Crab Cakes, Sweet Potato Wedges, Broccoli
5. Thursday--Mushroom Ravioli, more Broccoli
6. Friday--Caesar Salad w/Grilled Chicken
7. Saturday--Something Chicken-I have a roaster that needs to be cooked and ?

And this is what really happened.......

1. Sunday--Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches
2. Monday--Salad, Take-out Pizza
3. Tuesday--Mushroom Ravioli, Salad(Hubs and Ex-CB cooked)
4. Wednesday--Crab Cakes, Glazed Carrots, Potato Salad(Hubs cooked)
5. Thursday--Roast Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges, Broccoli(Hubs cooked 2/3 of this)
6. Friday--Caesar Salad w/Grilled Chicken
7. Saturday--Cheeseburger, Corn on Cob (July 4th cook-out)

Last week saw 6 nights of home cooked dinners, 0 night of leftovers/FFY, and 1 night of Take-Out.  With my injured leg Hubs stepped up and actually "cooked"(not just boiled water for pasta and opened a jar of sauce-well except for ravioli night). ;-)  We got take-out pizza one night using a free Domino's gift card.

What got put into the freezer last week....
* Nothing
Most of the fresh meat products I bought the previous week got used too.

What got taken out of the freezer and used.....
* 1//2 bag of frozen broccoli

Hubs spent a whole $29.38 at two grocery stores.  At Weis he got a cuke, grape tomatoes, 2 heads of lettuce, a dozen ears of corn, a watermelon, a quart of Greek yogurt and 2 bags of apples and at the Produce Market he got a pint of blueberries and 1/2 lb. of chicken lunch meat.  I didn't set foot in any grocery stores.

I earned $2 on Ibotta in July so far(on the two bags of apples I had Hubs pick up).

My savings percentage for last week was 30.16%(without "regular"Rite-Aid trips)for July and the monthly savings total comes in at 30.16%(w/out R-A).

I have 25 more food shopping/spending days in July.

I salvaged a loaf of French bread I bought at Weis(PMITA)Markets before I left on my trip.  I figured Hubs would have pasta a few times while I was gone and he could use it to make garlic bread since he likes that with pasta meals(plus it was only $1).
But he didn't use it(or have pasta)so it was still in the fridge and stale.
So I sliced it up Friday afternoon into 12 hunks, left it out to finish going stale and rock hard and used it to make a French Toast breakfast Saturday morning(I also cooked up one of those packs of Bob Evans breakfast sausage links I got the previous Friday with an instant sticker on it.).  We had a nice breakfast that morning and the leftovers(enough for 2-3 breakfasts for Hubs)are now in the fridge for him to heat up.  Of course I'll now have to remind him it's in the fridge so he eats it. lol

Leftovers going into this week.......2 helpings of mushroom ravioli, lots of corn on cob, a little roasted chicken.  Did I mention we have LOTS of leftover corn on the cob? lol

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Leftovers(I had corn on cob, mushroom ravioli)
2. Monday--Taco Salad or Tacos
3. Tuesday--Chinese Take-out or ?
4. Wednesday--Shrimp Scampi w/Linguine, whatever fresh produce I can find this week(maybe Broccoli from our backyard 8-)))
5. Thursday--Chicken Marsala w/Mushrooms over Mashed Potatoes, Spinach Salad
6. Friday--Leftovers
7. Saturday--Big Salad

What needs buying for this menu? Maybe some fresh produce.

I'm still keeping to my bed because of my leg/knee so the ambitious meals(Scampi, Marsala)may or may not happen if I can't cook them.  I still have to rely on Hubs for a lot of help too so it depends on whether he feels like helping me this week.  Things may actually be simpler like spaghetti w/meatballs, breakfast for dinner or grilled cheese and soup. ;-)

What's left on my master list of meals we can make from what's at home...........
* Shrimp Tempura
* Tuna Casserole
* Roasted Chicken
* Shrimp/Crab Ravioli
* Cheese Ravioli
* Spaghetti and Meatballs
* Breakfast for Dinner
* Grilled Chicken  new
* Grilled Steak  new
* Haddock Fish Dinner  new
* Chicken Tenders  new
* Beef Liver  new
* Pork for Tenderloin Sammies  new
Plus lots of thinly sliced Chicken Breast, grass fed Ground Beef and Ground Turkey in the freezer.

Not a lot has come off this master list as I/we used freshly bought meats since I got home.  This week should see more of the frozen assets here being used. 8-)

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?  



  1. It all sounds good, Sluggy. You could make some corn salsa with all that corn. Having leftover corn on the cob is a treat. :)

  2. Have you ever made a frenchtoast bake? Perfect for those past their prime bread loaves. I need ot make that at least onece fbefore my daughter goes back to school.

  3. Your meals sound good. I'm glad your hubby is helping, and I hope your knee feels better soon.

  4. This week will be different in that I am going to thaw hamburger meat. For weeks it has been only chicken. We could eat that every day, but I decided to have at least hamburgers and a meat loaf. We are very adventurous around here.


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