Thursday, July 23, 2020

Had an Alexander Day!

I know things could be a lot worse but yesterday was an Alexander day for me.

My knee/leg is still not right and now I have a UTI to go with that ailment.  As I recall(maybe not very correctly)I've had a total of ONE UTI over my last 61 years until now.
We believe it's due to a medication I am currently taking and I am not so patiently waiting for the labs to come back to confine so I can get the appropriate course of antibiotics.

I am also slated for a wide laser excision surgery on my boob the beginning of August due to my HS.
Yay me.  HS surgeries are not ones where they sew you up afterwards otherwise the tracks/tunnels under your skin would just reform and you'd be back to square one PLUS have scar tissue in there making it a worse situation.  No this wound on a very sensitive part of my anatomy will remain OPEN and will take 4-6 weeks to heal enough for me to feel human-like again and resume "normal" activity.
Yay me.
I see a lot of Netflix/Hulu/Amazon tv in my near future.

I got gyped at CVS yesterday(learned my lesson)and will again not be doing that drugstore again after I spent this last $10 ECBs I earned.
CVS obviously doesn't give a rat's ass about folks with a very popular Samsung Galaxy phone not being able to download/install their app any longer so they lost me again as a customer.  I have called two departments of their corporation now and their basic response was "Oh well, too bad" so screw you!

Walmart also gyped me-first they had the wrong stickers on a vegetable(which the self-checkout told me to scan instead of looking up the veggie to input)so I got charged for organic grape tomatoes at DOUBLE the price of the red bell pepper I was trying to buy.  Then they only had ONE employee manning that whole area so I had to wait a solid 15 minutes on my bad leg to get it corrected and after that, she didn't put the pepper back in the bag(which I didn't notice until I got home)so I paid for a pepper that I don't have. sigh
I won't even go into the rude customers not wearing masks and not maintaining social distance.

I also lost a pair of my glasses.  I keep one pair on my desk downstairs and the other pair on my nightstand in the bedroom.  Can only find one pair now. argh.

I was out of energy to cook dinner so it was Fend for Yourself night here last night and after I heated up my leftover Hot and Sour Soup from Sunday I dropped the whole thing as I tried to get into the recliner and it went all. over. the. den. floor.  I could have just cried at that point.

Then I lost 2 hours of my life in that recliner watching a terrible Adam Sandler in a drama movie(apologies if you are AS fans)because my son wanted to see it.  In hindsight, I should have just gone upstairs and read. ;-)
It was the perfect ending to a crappy day.

I know, first world problems, but it was truly a stinker of a day.
We all have 'em, right?
So tell me about your bad day and make me laugh or at least feel better before I have to go pee and scream again.



  1. My heart went out to you when you spilled your soup!Trying to get an oxygen generator that does not sound like Darth Vader or stink up the whole house resulted in a wasted day on Friday which spilled over to the weekend. The exhaustion and knowledge i could suffer a stroke or heart attack did not help the situation. But, at least i did not spill a bowl of soup.

  2. I am so sorry, Alexander! I had the same day, just a different verse on Tuesday. Days like that just suck out loud!

  3. Yeah that definitely sounds like a horrible awful craptastic day. My doctor has Covid so my surgery is getting pushed back a month. And everything sucks in general. The weather, my job, my attitude lol. I’m just so tired. JoAnn

  4. I have a very big dog with very bad hips. I also have, in addition to the cat we already own, a stray cat that my daughter brought home. This cat had 6 kittens about 4 weeks ago. Two days ago, I spent the morning mopping all the floors in my house (3,000 sf of wood or vinyl.) That afternoon, as I was cooking dinner, Dog decided he couldn't make it outside, so he decided to crap on my newly mopped floor. In the time between taking the crap out to the garbage and spritzing and remopping the area, a cat decided it was the perfect place for an impromptu dung pile. I cleaned it all up, by myself, of course, and somehow managed to enjoy dinner with the family. However, after playing with the kittens, someone locked Mama kitty out of the master bathroom where her kittens (and litter) are, but IN our bedroom, so she couldn't access the rest of the house. She had probably been like that for about 4 hours. When DH was going to bed, he realized she decided to do her business on our bed, ruining my Pacific Coast down comforter. (Oh, it was beyond hope.) I took the whole thing, comforter and cover, straight out to the garbage. My trash is now overflowing, and I will have a surplus charge on our pickup. I found myself marking the days for the kittens to be able to be given away, and realizing I am looking forward to the day when this dog finally gives up the ghost. It's not a becoming emotion.
    As for Mama Kitty, she is stuck in the bathroom now until her babies are gone, and then she's getting spayed, and never being allowed in our bedroom again...DD's lucky I am even letting her stay in the house.
    UTI's suck donkey balls, as my kids would say. I don't know why they couldn't give you a broad based antibiotic after the initial culture, while waiting for specificity. Did you pick up some over the counter pyridium? It helps with the spasms, (though when I had a particularly bad infection, I was given a prescription dosage which turned my contact lenses yellow.) Feel better.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a bad day, Sluggy. Maybe this will make you laugh, it's from a few weeks ago.

    Our cats live outdoors and are quite aware of every little noise out there. They startle easily & when they're eating, they will look up at any sound. They probably sleep with one eye open. LOL Yesterday a wasp flew into my car as we were getting in and stung me in the forehead. Bailey is terrified of wasps and will scream at first sight. With both car doors still open we were both screaming over the wasp only to look and see all the cats running away as fast as they could. Bahahaha! We laughed as hard as we could after that. They are definitively scaredy cats!

  6. I am so sorry. What a day, Sluggy had. Do hope that you feel better. Hope antibiotics clear up the uti quickly, and I hope your knee gets better.
    My day was more like Meg B, with a cat having diarrhea All Over the house. I feel sorry for him, but he is 12 years old and vets can't seem to help. Ive just been in a pissy grumpy mood today with a headache that won't quit.
    It has to get better, doesn't it.

  7. I don’t have a funny story, but I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Zima the diabetic cat needs insulin shots twice daily and we’re running out of spots. Scar tissue is building up everywhere. We spent an hour this morning poking her before the syringe would go in.

    My husband suddenly hates his job and wants to be a massage therapist. Bad idea with the pandemic and we have a little over 3.5 years until the house is paid off. I hope he gets over it and sticks with the well paying work from home job! 😒

    I’m also back to smoking full time and have no desire to quit. The normal work structure was much better for me but no real chance of returning until February.

    Jen G.

  9. Awww, sorry you had such a bad day Sluggy. Hope everything gets better for you soon!

  10. Ah Sluggy - chronic restless leg syndrome, stomach issues, cluster headaches and oh yeah, trying to learn about statistics

  11. An Alexander day!
    I remember this book/expression!
    It made me smile.

  12. Ism sorry but I laughed so hard at your crappy day. Some days, guess it doesn't pay to get up (ha, ha).
    CVS always screws me when I think I have a great deal. I think they make the rules up as they go along.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  13. I think you beat Alexander for the worst crappy day. They say don't cry over spilled milk but I'm not sure of the rules for soup. I'll google it.

    PS, one of my favorite children's books!

  14. What is it with peppers? Are they like gold or something? I went to Fresh market to buy two peppers. I thought the sign said $3.99 lb. No, it was each! I put them back and went to the farmer's market where they were $1.10 each. So sorry you had so many things go wrong. Now that they are out of the way, good things will happen. :-) Sending hugs.

  15. Sorry about your crappy day. Since I try not to be a comedian - I don't have a funny joke for you. Thanks for complaining to CVS about the app that is not compatible for the popular phone for which I also have. Have you tried their self check-out - all of the eligible coupons pop up. I used it and gave the manager a good work out. She had to run around from the cash register several times to the self-checkout: coupon container full, too many coupons, etc. I am sure she would have like to have pinched me - but it would have all been on the camera. Hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better soon.

  16. I quit going to CVS years ago. At the store I used they would have good sales. I would feel so frugal when I approached the check out counter, but invariably they would charge me the regular price and not the sale price for everything. I had to be always prepared to call them on their mistake, and they weren't very pleasant about it. Sometimes I was wrong and that was embarrassing. I finally gave up and settled for a different drug store.


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