Saturday, July 4, 2020

Rite-Aid ClusterF&*k on Friday or How to Unintentionally Convert BC to Cash

I had to go pick up an Rx on Friday so here is what I also bought at R-A and how the transaction should have gone.
I had $13 in Bonus Cash on this card going in.........

3 x Professional Suave shampoos on sale=$7.50
2 x Suave men's shampoos(large bottles)on sale=$5.00
4 x Bic disposable razorsBOGO50% sale reg. $4.99 ea.=$14.96

Coupons Used
1 x $4 when you spend $20 R-A snail mailed Q=$4.00
1 x $2/2 Suave Professional items ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Suave Professional item ManuQ=$1.00
3 x Bic $3/1 R-A in-Ad Q(from previous week's ad/good until 7/11)=$9.00
3 x Bic $3/1 Flex/Soleil/Comfort3 razor IPQ(Bic website)=$9.00
1 x $1 PeelieQ off the Bic Twin Select razor pack=$1.00
Coupon Total...........$26.00

$27.46-$26.00=$1.46+.78¢tax=$2.24 which I would have paid for with my Bonus Cash and earned $2 in new BC(2 x $1 wyb2 Bic razors).

There was also a $1 PeelieQ on one of the Comfort3 Bic razors but I told her to put that aside as I was using one of those $3/1 Qs on it.

But things didn't go that way now, did they? lolz
I put in my card into and press yes to use BC.  That part went well.
Cashier scanned my items, ok.
Then as she scanned the $4 off $20 purchase Q and started bagging everything up before putting anymore Qs through and the register decided to become HAL from 2001:A Space Odyssey.

So the cashier didn't even touch the register and it just applied my BC without the cashier scanning another single coupon.
So with that move by the register's computer my total went from $24.76 to $7.76.
$24.76-$4 Q-$13 BC and we are at $7.76.
After we both shook our heads over what just happened the cashier scanned $7.76 worth of Q in and the register wouldn't let her take anymore Qs.($2, $1, $3 and $1.46 worth on another R-A in-ad $3 Q)as my total was now Zero!
And she could take off the $1.46 worth of the $3 Q either.
It was crazy!!

The assistant manager had to come over and deal with this, so I ended up using some Qs, the $13 in Bonus Cash on the card and putting the .78¢ sales tax on a free R-A gift card.
And then I got handed this wad of cash..............

$14 on cash.
I pointed out that she gave me cash for that $1 Peelie Q which I wasn't using in this sum but at that point the Asst. Manager was so frustrated she said, "Just take it."

So I used $13 in CB, .78¢ on a R-A gift card, got back $2 in new BC and $14 in cash.
I can't work out how this is correct in my head or with a calculator but there ya go!

I should be .24¢ down(even after earning back $2 in new BC)but I'm up $2 something.

I seriously think the computer at this R-A is possessed!  I know the cashier didn't have her hands anywhere near the register when it pulled a HAL.  We both just stared open mouthed in non-belief at the register as it's bells and whistle noises went off.  Then we both looked at each other like, "did you just see what I saw?!, in a I don't believe what just happened way.
After we called the Asst. Manager over and tried explaining what just happened I don't think she believed either of us(and the cashier wasn't so new employee either, she's the back-up Asst. Manager).

Crazy times at Rite-Aid.............



  1. Maybe you should go to that cashier and cash register next time. Good deal!

  2. I've only been in Rite-aid a few times; each time was a spectacle along the line of 'crazy'

  3. My head hurts figuring ut what was supposed to happen and what did.


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