Friday, July 31, 2020

Frugal Friday......the July 31st Edition

* It seems Blogger is messing with my photos today so I apolgize if they run over the text parts.  I am trying to fix the probem.*

I am so happy July is almost over.  In many ways it's been a crap-tastic month.  But it does get me closer to my surgery and today is the day Ex-College Boy moves out! Yah!!!
His moving out is the MOST frugal thing I can think of(but I can't count that until next week's frugal post as that things run from Friday to Thursday).  So I'll elaborate next Friday on that. ;-)

And his moving out is partly why this post is so late today. ;-)

Here's what frugal stuff went on around here this past week..........

* I did a moneymaker rebate deal from Johnson & Johnson.
Buy 3 or more of participating(click on the "Offer Details" link to see which items qualify)items in one transaction, submit your info online and wait for the email to claim your reward.

These single bars of Neutrogena soap are a qualifying item and my Walmart had them for $1.97 each.
So I spent $6 and change and will get a $10 prepaid Visa card back.
You can do this rebate twice too. 8))
Most of the items that qualify are Clean and Clear, Motrin and Neutrogena brands.

The only thing is if you want to do this you need to hurry as you need to have your info submitted by 8/2(this Sunday).  This deal has been running since July 5th evidently but I've been a  it out of it this month, sorry.

* I haven't gone grocery shopping since last Friday.  Don't really need anything food related right now.
Best food deal last Friday was Smithfield thick cut bacon at Weis(PMITA)Markets for $2.99  Reg. $7.99 marked down $2 to $5.99 and I found 1 lb packages with $3 Instant Discount stickers on them so $2.99 OOP.

* I am excited to try two items I got at Walmart last week.........

These grow kits.  One is for micro-greens and the other is to grow your own oyster mushrooms.  The greens one was marked down to $10 and the mushroom one was clearance priced to $17.  Better yet I had a $10 Ibotta rebate on each last week so one was free after rebate and the other was only $7.

* I found money!

The dime was under the candy racks by the front register and the nickel was back by the sunglasses display near the pharmacy area at R-A last Friday.

This shiny penny was in front of the register counter at Rite-Aid on Saturday when I went there.

Total Change found this week. .16¢
Total Change found this year....$47.09

* We ate all our leftovers, well except a piece of slimy cuke that got crammed to the back of the produce drawer and since I haven't been in the kitchen much lately I wasn't there to find it before it started decomposing.

* I did a spat of Rite-Aid shopping this past week...........

Two transactions while I waited on an Rx to be filled. 

Even though I spent nothing OOP I still botched these transactions a bit by buying the wrong Compeed items. ;-)

* While out running from the Urgent Care to R-A to pick up an Rx I needed lunch so I opened my Burger King app on my phone and saw that it was "Whopper Wednesday" and could get a Whopper(no cheese)for $1 + .06¢ sales tax.  Better yet I used a gift card to pay.

* Not a personal win but I suggested that Eldest son look into moving his stuff to NJ using a "Pod" since his sister had successfully used them for her move to LA last year.  So he called her and yep, it turned out to be a cheaper(and easier)solution for him.  

(Not son's pod but the one they sent for Daughter's stuff last May.)
Can I use saving my kid money as MY frugal win too? lol

That's about it from here.

Any good deals, frugal wins on your end this week?



  1. Where is your son moving? Out to his own place nearby or out of town?

  2. I’ve been using garden tomatoes for the last two weeks but that’s pretty much my excitement for the week. Skipping the grocery store this week and digging through the freezer of doom in the basement. So far I’ve unearthed gnocchi and pesto from years ago and that’s what’s for dinner tonight.

    The plan is to clear as much space as possible and do a major Aldi stock up next weekend before 40,000 students arrive. I’ve been a student on this campus so I’m pretty sure we’re in for a major outbreak. Can’t wear a mask during a keg stand! 😁

    Jen G.

    1. I'd like to see you do a keg stand, mask or no mask! lol

    2. I tried once but I’m too tall! Keg stands were for the short girls.

      Jen G.

  3. We love our kids but isn't it nice when they move out. lol. My 40 year old son came here from TN where he has lived the last 3 years and was only going to stay 2-4 weeks. Well 3 1/2 months later still here. Finally moved in with his brother 2 weeks ago. Tiny place because rents are high here but one works days and the other nights so okay so far. Our stress level went down dramatically. We are used to just the two of us here and a very quiet house. Love those boys but at 40 and 42 need to be out on their own! Take care.

    1. So nice! Now that he's gone I can be the nudist I was born to be(behind closed curtains that is). lol

  4. The microgreens are great! I bought one earlier and tried it, plus just got another when it was put on clearance!

    1. Thanks for the imput Mimi. I hope you got the Ibotta rebate food! ;-)

  5. Here is an ideal opportunity to be frugal make your own garden compost using what you have used in a recycling process that goes back to nourishing nature using nature. frugal living


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