Friday, July 17, 2020

Frugal Friday.......the July 17th Edition

Here's the frugal stuff that happened this past week here at Chez Sluggy......

* We got Domino's this week.......

I used another of the scads of Domino's gift cards I have.  3 medium pies for under $20 makes for lots of leftovers for me and Hubs(not so much for Ex-CB lol).

* Remember that Listerine I got at R-A last week?

After $3 BC earned and 3 x $5 virtual prepaid debit cards they were better than free.
But how to spend a virtual prepaid card of only $5.
Here's how......
Go to and buy 3 x $5 Walmart gift cards.  They ship for free and you can use those physical cards in the store.

The first of three $5 Walmart gift cards arrived this week.

*  I bought 23 items with Ibotta rebates this week and besides the rebates I earned a $5 Bonus, a .50¢ July activation Bonus and a.50¢ Axe Bonus

*  Here is what I bought at Walmart on Thursday to finish the 23 items..........

a bag of carrots, a lb. of Country Crock sticks, a tub of Almond butter Country Crock, 2 Oui yogurts, a bag of Kind nut clusters, 5 Budding lunch meat bags, a Bic Soleil razor, a package of Alka Seltzer gum/antacid and a bottle of Aleve.
All but the carrots and the Aleve counted toward the Ibotta rebates.
The total with tax came to $20.14 after my $10 in coupons.
But I just paid .14¢ OOP because I used a $20 free prepaid debit card(I think it was a R-A Allergy Rewards card).
And I earned $13.83 + the $5 Weekly Essentials Bonus so $18.83 in rebates for spending .14¢.

*  I found money!

A penny at Rite-Aid last Friday.

Two more pennies at Walmart last Saturday.  One next to a car going into the store and another by a register coming out of the store.

A double score--a dime and a penny under the candy racks at Rite-Aid on Sunday and 2 more pennies under the magazine racks there at the register as well.

I went to a Weis in the town West of here on Wednesday.  There was a lone self check-out over by the  deli/premade items and I saw two pennies on the floor there.  I only got one with the aid of my cane as the other one was stuck to the floor and I had no sharp implement to pry it up with(and I wasn't getting down on my hands and kneed to get it).
The second penny was in front of the Customer Service desk and the third one was in the middle of the lane cordoned off to direct you to a register so 3 pennies at that store came home with me.

This quarter was spotted on the way to the ladies' room at Red Robin.

And this penny was laying in the middle of the walkway on the way out of Red Robin.

Total Change found this week. .45¢
Total Change found this year....$46.90

 *  Besides picking up .03¢ at that other Weis(PMITA)Markets I also got $1.50 back in a refund when the Dole peaches cup in coconut water didn't ring up the 50% clearance price.  This goes into my refunds/post coupons envie to put toward food expenses come the end of 2020.

*  We got a few veggies out of the garden this week too.......

Two nice heads of broccoli......

And one smallish yellow squash.  More squash will be coming this week too. ;-)

That's about it for frugal-ness this week.......

What frugal stuff happened in your life this past week?



  1. Kroger has a few good buy 5, save $5 deals-almond milk $1.79, Pringles $.99. I’ll try to go early tomorrow before they sell out.

    I copied your meals I can make with whatever I already have and came up with 8. Just need a red bell pepper for the pasta salad.

    I haven’t worn makeup in 4 months now and may just keep it this way forever. Haven’t shaved my legs either so I guess I’m a dirty hippie now. 😁

    Jen G.

    1. One of my favorite dirty hippies tho.... 8-)

    2. I was born to hippie parents so going back to my roots. Have been wearing Birkenstocks the last few years so I think it’s official now. 😁

      Jen G.

  2. Just the free veggies my daughter brought home from work. Nice looking broccoli!

    1. I'd send some your way if I could as we are getting tired of eating it right now. lol

  3. Oh boy! I wasn't gonna do the Ibotta deal, but after reading your post, I took my butt to Walmart. Thanks Sluggy!

  4. Lady, I owe you big time for mentioning Ibotta!!! I haven’t been paying much attention to my deal apps because shopping is a damn nightmare these days but I checked it out today and I hit the jackpot. I had 2 bonuses, one for $5 and one for $10, multiple freebies and some high value ones for a whopping savings of $35.33 on $35.50 worth of products!!! Dish soap, cereal, tampons, yogurt and more-all stuff we would buy anyway. Plus I got $5.25 from Checkout 51 and earned Shopkicks, Swagbucks and Fetch rewards, all of which go toward gift cards. I’m so excited right now. Haven’t had a haul like this in forever! *happy dance* JoAnn

    1. Glad mentioning Ibotta helped you out! My bonuses there are so inconsistent(sometimes $1 sometimes as much as $10!)but I make sure to check it almost daily as I am on my phone anyway. I got free shampoo at DG this weekend after $10 back on Checkout51 and a $5 off $25 spend DGQ plus $3 more wyspend $10 on Suave at DG too so I'll join you in that happy dance. 8-)))


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