Friday, November 11, 2016

Food Spending Plan for Nov & Dec

Since I've spent most of my food $ for November already in my head(buying this week and next to get a reward certificate),I went through all my free chits for food I have left to spend to see what I have in future purchases.

These include free gift cards I have for various stores and reward certificates I've earned this month. Gift cards total $70 between two different grocery stores, as well as $14+ change on a prepaid Visa card that can be used anywhere that takes Visa.
In addition, I have a $20 certificate to redeem for food items at Shursave Markets by Nov. 30th.  And I have a free turkey to redeem from Weis Markets for Thanksgiving.

I also have almost $100 in cash rebate money in my SavingStar account, $31.10 in my Checkout51 account and $7 in my Ibotta account(though I can't cash out of Ibotta until I hit $20 there).  That makes $131+ or so in cash I can apply to any food spending that happens in December.

And if push comes to shove and I need to use it, I have $87.50 in rolled coins saved up so far in 2016.

Gift Cards.....$84+
Reward Certs....$20
Cash Rebates...$131+
Free Turkey
Coins....$87.50(if needed)

My plan is to basically not spend anything other than these gift cards/rebates/rewards/coins on food in December.  No out of pocket spending on food in December.

Other than fresh produce and milk we are well stocked(overstocked maybe?)on a lot of foods we normally eat plus I have all Holiday foods bought or covered.  Fridge, freezer and pantries are all overflowing so this is highly doable.

If I can stick to this plan I'll end up with $4,600+/- spent on food/toiletries/HBA/OTC/paper goods for all of 2016.  My goal was to stay under $5K on these categories for the year.

If successful this plan would keep me under $400 OOP per month on food/toiletries/paper goods/HBA/OTC goods for 2016.
I'd be exceedingly happy with that outcome.



  1. You always pull a rabbit out of your hat! You certainly have planned this well. Congratulations!

  2. Nice job on the food budget. Enjoy pulling in that food with those rewards and cards. I just love a challenge.

  3. This is going to be fun to watch, and I have no doubt you will pull it off!

  4. I will be eating at your house I guess, you little squirrel.

  5. That is an extraordinary end result and your making delectable meals and using quality H&B products. I learn so much from your blog and am challenged to do half as well.

  6. You'll do it. I'll try, and go $100 over budget, as usual. ;-)


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