Sunday, November 27, 2016

All About Thanksgiving

Since the Daughter was working on Thanksgiving we planned dinner for later in the day than we usually eat.  This meant I didn't have to rise at the ass crack of dawn. Yay!
I could do all the prep and cooking at a more leisurely pace and even take an hour to go out to Rite-Aid to get a jump on the freebies there.

Here is the stuffing going into the large oval crock pot early in the a.m.
I pressed all 3 of my crock pots into service for the Turkey Day meal.  The black one in the background ended up being used for the mashed potatoes(both red and white)and the white small crock pot held and warmed the rutabaga.

Since there were 7 for dinner this year(me, Hubs, college boy, daughter, brother in-law, nephew and daughter's boyfriend)we had to add a card table onto our ersatz dining table(aka a camping/fold-up table)so everyone could sit down to eat together.
With so many for dinner I set up the food in the kitchen buffet style from which we served ourselves before taking our place at the dinner table.

Here are the mashed potatoes, carrots, stuffing(plus what was cooked inside the bird in a serving bowl)and extra rolls.....

The rutabaga on the counter behind Hubs and the platter of turkey on the island with the big bowl of gravy(you can't see in this picture).

Rolls, butter, salt/pepper and cranberry glop were table side.

Let me talk a little about the table.
Earlier this month blogging friend Kim over at Out My Window sent me a package......

I hadn't a CLUE why or what this could be!
Inside was a beautiful hand sewn tablecloth and matching cloth napkins Kim had made for me. 8-)
Also were 4 cute little birdies(quail maybe?)with a metallic copper finish.

With all the stuff going on in her life that she took the time to fashion all this for me was awesome.
She is one special lady is all I can say. ;-)

So I dug that box out of hiding and set my Thanksgiving table Thursday morning......

I had a couple of Autumn swags I intertwined and laid out straight in the middle of the table and put small tea light type candles and those little birdies randomly among the foliage.

Here are the matching napkins.

Well between the chaos of getting the meal on the table and the hungry heathens who couldn't wait to start eating I didn't get a shot of the whole table properly set for dinner.

Here is the crew that chowed down on the vittles here at Chez Sluggy for Thanksgiving(minus Yours Truly who was taking the photo).

I scaled back the side dishes this year(no sweet potatoes or green bean casserole)but still there was more than enough to keep this swarm of locusts busy.
I am sure three kinds of pie helped satiate them as well. ;-)

And we kept it civil and politically-free(though not alcohol-free). 8-)))

I hope you had the type of Holiday you enjoy.



  1. Beautiful table and your mea sounds yummy. The family I marred into does not believe in second helpings. That is, you take a huge first helping regardless of how many people are in line. I do not host anymore for this reason.

    1. We fill plates here at Thanksgiving and most go back for more. My brother in-law can suck down 2 pans of rolls by himself so I always make a LOT!lol

  2. Everything looks yummy. How wonderful to get a holiday surprise in the mail. That's so awesome!

    1. Me "heart" surprise mail.
      It was yummy but I was wiped out the next day. At least I always have my Hubs washing dishes for me for these blow outs. ;-)
      How was your lasagna?

  3. What a cheerful looking day! I hope it was as much fun as it looked like.
    Just dh and my brood here, as always. I learned long ago that our holidays were more enjoyable, for me, anyway, when we kept it low key, without allowing others to put expectations on us, or us placing expectations on others.

    1. Meg, even though the day outside was gray we had a good day inside.
      We've always had low key days, even when we had to go to the Parent in-laws or my mother's for the day. No drama.

  4. Looks yummy! Love the tablecloth and napkins-- that was such a nice gift!

    1. Wasn't it? I was totally in shock over it.

  5. So sweet of Kim, and I bet she loved seeing her gift in use! I've never hosted Thanksgiing, but if low key, i.e. my family, I think I might enjoy it.

    1. I hope Kim isn't too sick to enjoy her Thanksgiving and see us using her gift.

      I've been hosting Thanksgiving for so many years now I don't remember what it was like not to. lolz

  6. Ass crack of dawn made me smile.


  7. Beautifully set table a la Kim! What a sweetheart! College boy is looking much more grown up these days :) Even though he ate so much pie!

  8. Beautiful gift and table! And what delicious food! Yummy!

  9. Kim definitely is a special lady. The entire tablescape was beautiful! Your dinner sounded like it was wonderful with great food, family friends and of course the alcohol.

    BTW, your kitchen tablecloth is gorgeous also.


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