Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dear America

Dear America,

Please get your shit together.

It's been a week now since the election.
It's time to get it together and move on.

I know some of you still can't believe Mr. Trump won.  We could spend months on analyzing why....and I am sure those who don't want to acknowledge this fact will and we'll all have to hear about it ad nauseum.

Those of you who don't agree with who won the election....
You want to tell the world you feel "unsafe".
You want to protest.
That's fine.

But most of us out here need to take care of our families and earn our daily bread and get on with living.

If you just don't understand why Mr. Trump won I doubt you ever will.

But here are some clues for you....

It wasn't about his divisive language and personality traits during the campaign for those who voted for him who aren't likewise minded.

Like in Bill Clinton's campaign back in 1992, the catchphrase voiced by James Carville comes to mind--"The economy stupid."

In 1992 we were in the throes of a recession, much like the one we are still emerging from that came to a head in 2008.

People vote with their wallets.

Those of you who have jobs that are part of "global economy" just don't get that many Americans who aren't part of your bubble are suffering and sliding backwards economically into poverty.

And they don't want a handout from the government to keep them afloat.
They are a proud people and have always worked hard for what they have.
This is a trait in Americans that I hope I don't live to see disappear.

The citizenry has shown time and again that it can put up with ignorant and crash language from our leaders if they think he/she can changed their economic futures.  Heck, Lyndon Johnson had one of the dirtiest and racists mouths known to man.

Evidently enough people in enough states thought Trump would do a better job seeing to their personal financial needs than Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Stein.

Racism, misogyny, or hate of any other ilk never went away and is not making a comeback like some would have you think.
Hate has always been there.

But I have to believe that most Americans aren't haters.
It's just that many are frustrated and have been ignored for many years by the current administration.
And they chose to change it.

And like a Fellow Blogger raised in his post today, I also have to ask you protesters(just like I inquired with all those Occupy Wall Street folks back in 2011)--what is your point?

Fellow blogger said it more elegantly....
"What do you want? I'm all for protest. But there has to be a solution. Marching in the streets because you don't like something is not protest, it is a tantrum. There is no indication the election was fraudulent. Trump was elected. Is your endgame to overthrow a duly elected government Isn't that the best example of the very tyranny you are protesting against? Is your riot the ultimate blackmail -- elect my guy or I will break your stuff?"

Let's all show a bit more sanity out here.



  1. That was so well said, thank you!

  2. So proud of my 2 gals. Both are going to march in the million women march the day after the inauguration. Youngest one is flying to DC from San Fran and oldest will drive the 12 hours with some girlfriends. We do care and don't consider this a tantrum. Youngest already told me to donate her Christmas $$ to Planned Parenthood so that I will gladly do and add to it.

    1. Students who don't go to class, need safe spaces because of words they hear, and riot/protest is a tantrum and I won't legitimize them. Real protests can affect change but seriously, the man hasn't "done" anything yet. But hey, why wait when you "know" he will, right?
      I don't know why you keep reading this blog and comment here. I won't stop you as long as you are respectful but seriously, you only leave negative comments about me, my life or my way of doing things. At least it seems that way as I look back on your comments here.

      I don't get the attraction you seem to have for my blog. Maybe you need to restart your own blog and spread your superior views there?

    2. Huh? I like to read about your bargains- Weiss used to be the store I shopped. As for your life, well, it's yours. I actually have decided to go to DC with my daughter YAY! I'm not sure how long I can walk but I'll sure give it a try.

  3. I agree! I voted for Trump and I am not a racist, misogynist pig nor are the other people that I personally know that voted for him.

  4. Yea. Sounds good. One forum I go on most are taking to their bed, crying, and acting like the world is going to end. If Clinton had won wonder how most of the people would have acted?

  5. Great post, but look at the tantrums, Oregon, I live next to Oregon very few people actually work there. Denver? Except for the wealthy skiers the rest are poor subsidized Oregonians. Tantrum is right.

  6. No kidding! It's the ebb and flow of politics in America. Sometimes it's the Dems in charge and sometimes it's the Republicans. You don't always get your way.

  7. It's already being proven that 60% of the anti-Trump rioters didn't even vote. Some have been bussed in by George Soros who is intent on taking down America. So, this is scary stuff. I don't think its simply disgrunted Americans protesting.
    Hopefully, when Trump gets in to office, he will be the one to finally stop this. Trump believes in law & order. What has Obama done? Played a few more rounds of golf and then flew to Greece to discuss whatever it is only to be dismantled when Trump gets in to power.
    I think we just have to put up with what's going on now because as usual, nobody is going to do anything about it.
    More government waste.

  8. Only one thing--when racism appears to be approved of by the highest in the land, the racists rise up and feel they can do as they please. The cry to make America Great Again will come at a cost to women, people of color, gays. It is already getting nasty.

    I don't think protests will change that. It all seems pointless. But, to think that nothing is going to happen that will be detrimental is folly.

    The racists and misogynists think they have been ignored, yes, and now they have permission to act out. Mark my words.

    1. People have been hurt and killed and business and personal property destroyed so these "protests" are no longer "productive". They are just another blemish on our society.

    2. I was in no way condoning protests or destruction. I was saying in the last paragraphs that Trump's statements seem to give racists and misogynists permission to come out of the woodwork.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Dear Anonymous Commentors,
      You personally attack me, your voice doesn't get heard on this blog.
      Please go spew YOUR personal brand of hate elsewhere!

  10. De-lurking to interject about the futility of protests. They CAN work: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2014/08/25/americans-dont-like-protests-but-protests-may-work-anyway/

    What's more, remember the Arab Spring? Protests took down governments: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2016/01/arab-spring-five-years-on/ (of course, worse "government" took the place of those toppled, but the protests did get rid of the regimes about which the protestors protested. Sustained protests CAN -- and do -- affect change!

    So protests need not be a waste of time, especially if they continue.


    1. Protests, not riots, which is what these ones in major cities have become.
      We just all need to chill out and give the slow wheels of government time to grind it out.

  11. Great post. I read one blogger who post that they would not tolerate intolerance (referencing trump). The blogger than went on to say they would not be within ten feet of a president-elect supporter and didn't want those people reading her blog, so was going to find means to discourage them. Well, that the VERY definition of intolerance. Saying I don't want "those people" anywhere near me.

    Just so so sad to see people who are resorting to this.

    I'm all for protest and for stating your voice (I'm tolerant). It's sad when this has made people the exact things they are reacting to (intolerance of others). Pot. Kettle. Sad for them.

  12. I hope if and when trump decides to lower taxes that those who declare him not their president protest that too, and just keep paying the ridiculous rates. Haha. Seems only fair!

    If trump is even half the destroyer that people claim to fear, by definition he won't be able to build anything. If he spends four years tearing down disasters of past presidents, like Obama care, epa, others...then hey, I think everyone is better off.

    Oh, I'm Canadian.

  13. This is of small comfort when Trump and his minions are already plotting to remove health care from my patients AND declare my marriage null and void.

  14. I have been baffled and confused by the behavior of those who feel the wrong candidate won. It is exactly what you have restated. Tantrums. I agree with you Sluggy!

  15. Tantrums. That is the word I've been looking for since the election. DS came home early the day after when his professor told the students to take the day off because they were so upset. Seriously? Way to help grow adults. Me, I'm just busy trying to pay for that class that is canceled so students could go cry in a corner.

    1. Exactly! How are these students going to be able to deal in the real world if they can't deal with "trigger" words now and need safe spaces from thoughts and ideas?
      I asked College Boy and exactly ZERO students are protesting, curled up in a ball crying needing Xanax to cope nor were classes canceled.
      As an aside to this....I have a friend on FB who I met online but have also met in RL-he has a daughter who is a writer/producer/actress working in LA. She told him that the day after the election all her business meetings were canceled and the Hollywood types were all so distraught they couldn't function. Wow. Though it sure didn't surprise me as much as it did her....she's from Middle America and evidently hasn't been out in LA long enough.

    2. Must not be the Hollywood folks my DS works with-no work, no pay, and they are already living hand to mouth. While I think protests can work to raise awareness, I prefer good old civic engagement, issue by issue, with hard facts, and specif stories. Sure, I posted about my disappointment-fear even-but more so about the importance of everyone, left, right, center to speak up to those that make the laws, and not just idly let the wheels of government turn without at least getting your say. riots-no! Peaceful opposition on an issue-Yes!

  16. Read this when you posted and then came back to read comments :)

    Great post Sluggy!

  17. I don't get the trigger words and safe spaces at all. In an English class we were talking about incest in a book we read for class when I guy thought it was funny to say that "at least with incest it's all kept in the family." One guy objected to that kind of insensitive talk. First guy apologized and said he was not aware the guy had been molested. Second guy said, no, it was his girlfriend who had been molested. First guy could not understand, because afterall, she was not present. Several of us voiced our distaste. Then, he assumed I had been a victim of incest. He just did not get it. I told him my brother had suffered for years because of incest and that affected my mental well-being. We kept telling him in more vociferous tones that he was wrong, to shut up and go home and think about it. Finally, I was up and yelling at him. The professor just let it happen. No one gave any of us an excuse to leave class. We were big people who could speak up and put down the jerk. We stayed angry and did not want to go cry.

    I know people I will not name who run home and tell mama or text her on the spot to make the bad people stop.


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