Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Rest of the Rite-Aid Trips This Week...BF Madness!

I made another Pre-Black Friday trip to Rite-Aid on Wednesday evening.

First I bought 2 restaurant gift cards that gave $10 in Plenti points.  Money spent on these Xmas gifts doesn't come out of the food/toiletry funds(but instead out of the gift budget), so this purchase gave me $10 in "free" monies to spend on toiletries/HBA/OTC items(well I spent down my Plenti points on this transaction, but the next day those $10 in points went live in the account to "pay" for what I bought Wednesday evening).

In a separate transaction I bought this........

The Pantene shampoos were on clearance for $2.49 each, so those were $4.98.
I used a $4/2 Pantene ManuQ on those making that purchase cost .98.

The Colgate toothpaste was on sale for $3.
I used a $2.50/1 Colgate R-A FlyerQ and stacked a .75¢/1 IPQ,  making this purchase a .25¢ moneymaker.

The MidNite sleep aid was B1G2Free so $10.99 for all 3.
I used a $1/1 IPQ I've had for awhile making this purchase cost $9.99.

Total OOP for all with tax of .06¢ was $9.78.
I paid with Plenti points.
After the $10 in gift card puts went live the following morning this transaction became a .22¢ moneymaker.

I had planned on a $1.22 moneymaker except that the Checkout51 $1 cash rebate on Pantene shampoo were all claimed by Wednesday evening for that week. bleh.  Still a good trip.

On Thursday, since we were eating late due to Daughter's work schedule, I had an hour in the early afternoon when I had no cooking chores to attend to so I ran up to Rite-Aid to start doing the Black Friday Deals.  Since there were so few freebies after Plenti points this year I was able to do them all in one day/one transaction on my Plenti card........

Everything was free(or better than free with coupons)after Plenti points they gave back, except that Huggies wipes(.49¢ each after sale/points/coupon)and the Dial hand soap(didn't give points/didn't have coupons, so sale price of .99¢ each).

The freebies I got were-
* Kleenex facial tissue
* Scunci hair elastics
* Rite-Aid gift tape
* Colgate toothbrushes

Better than free using coupons with the sale prices were-
* Listerine dental floss was $2.99 on sale and gave $2 in PPs, but with my $1/1 tearpadQs from the dentist's office these became a .01¢ moneymaker.
* GE light bulbs $2 moneymaker each with $2/1 Q
* Philips ear buds gave $6 in PPs but w/20% wellness discount cost $5.59 so a .41¢ moneymaker each
* Conair hairbrush gave $3 in PPs but w/20% wellness discount cost $2.63 so a .37¢ moneymaker.
* Colgate toothpaste suppose to be $4 a tube but this variety was clearanced to $1.19.  I had .50¢/1 IPQs plus these still gave back $4 in PPs so they were a $3.31 moneymaker. 8-)))  Had I been more aware, I could have also stacked the $2.50/1 R-A Flyer Colgate Q(as this variety of toothpaste also qualified for that Q) and made this a $5.81 moneymaker! ack!!!

As far as I know this variety may be clearance priced in most stores but it is not marked(and wasn't marked in my store).  It's the Enamel Health sensitive variety but do a price check before you have them ring it up to make sure.

This transaction cost me $47.91($1.79 of that tax)in Plenti Points but earned me back $54.00 in new Plenti Points.  No $ spent OOP and even with the not free after points Wipes and Hand Soap(and not realizing I could have made the toothpaste a larger moneymaker!) this was a $6.09 moneymaker.

On Black Friday proper I hit Rite-Aid again to do the Deals on Daughter's and Son's cards in two different transactions of course but photo is everything together........

R-A gift tape x 8
Colgate toothbrushes x 4
Colgate toothpaste x 4
Ge light bulbs x 4
Scunci/Conair x 4
Listerine floss x 4
Philips ear buds x 3(I ran out of PPs on one card so coudln't get 2 for free on that one)
Kleenex tissue x 4
Huggies wipes x 2(not free after PPs but .49¢ ea.)

In all this cost $77.04(including $2.94 tax)in PPs.
This all earned $100 back in new PPs(on two different cards)making these purchases a $22.96 moneymaker.

Total Black Friday Deal spending so far was $124.95 in PPs and $154.00 in new PPs earned so a $29.05 moneymaker all together.

I may go back up Saturday(today)for 1 more "better than free" ear bud and maybe do some deals that aren't free, like the 7-Up 12-packs($2 each after sale/points) or some DiGiorno pies($1.99 each after sale/points)and spend down some PPs.  I have so many!

And I also need to get some gift cards that give back PPs, both gift cards for Xmas presents(paid for out of the Xmas monies)and Home Improvement gift cards paid for out of the home maintenance budget.  The PPs I get back are just gravy really.  Hmm, gravy.... ;-)

And except for 1 small online purchase from Macy's which cost me ZERO OOP(I'll blog about that once the item arrives)that is ALL the Black Friday shopping that was done by yours truly this weekend.
Yes, my Black Friday is not so mad, is it?

I had some coupons that would have gotten me more free stuff on BF but I just don't like to go out in insane crowds alone and neither of my kids would go out shopping with me. *sniff, sniff*
I guess I have raised non-shoppers. 8-P

Free is awesome but going out alone in that shopping frenzy was not even enough to lure me into it! lolz

So what great deals did you get on Black Friday?



  1. Tee heee....I hit RA on Thanksgiving, and declared myself done with shopping, turning the points to DH and the boys to use yesterday at Macy's. But, while they were out I swung in yesterday on my way to get hay for dd's piggies. (Why she waits u til dark to tell me they've been without hay for two days is beyond me.) I was only going to get ear buds, but saw the clearance Colgate--it wasn't marked down on Thursday. Also, a variety of Head and Shoulders was marked to $1.62 a bottle on clearance, and I had a $3.00/2 coupon! (Dh and one ds can only use this shampoo, so I am happy to see it at $4.00/bottle.) I may go back today to roll my points over to remaining bottles.

    1. Great score on the 'poo! But why did you have to tell I have to look for it today too! lolz

  2. Canada is beginning to have a few "Black Friday" events but I stay away from them. Can't stand crowded stores!

  3. I was thinking you had a boyfriend rant (bf) until I did a palm to face slap to understand bf was black Friday. I am blind. Great hauls again.

  4. You got some great deals! There was nothing worth getting my sick self out of the house to shop for. I did some shopping on Amazon instead. LOL!

  5. I am always in awe of your Rite Aid deals. You did terrific! I didn't go out on Black Friday either. I hate crowds.


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