Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another Weis Deal Before Thursday--Update

Hey there!  I forgot to add that I had a $1/2 Tai Pei singles coupon in the Weis Coupon Book to use as well, which I forgot.
So I took the Q back in with my receipt yesterday and got my $1 back.
That means I got all 6 items below for $3.36!

Here's another Mix & Match Pick 6/Get $3 Off Deal combination I got.

Surfing around online I happened upon an "ad" for BOGO Free Scotties Q so I clicked on it and printed off 2 of them.

Then I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets and bought this.......

4 x Scotties large 250 ct. box tissues on sale($1.99)=$7.96
2 x Tai Pei frozen single serve lunches on sale($2.49)=$4.98

I used Coupons--
2 x Scotties BOGO Free(up to $1.79-so didn't take exactly half off)=$3.58
2 x Tai Pei $1/1 IPQ couponsdotcom=$2.00
1 x Tai Pei $1/2 Weis CouponBookQ=$1.00
Instant $3 Discount=$3.00
Coupon Total....$9.58

$12.94-$8.58=$3.36 OOP for all 6 items



  1. Stoping from Cheap trick....I love bargain. Twice a year our community has a clothes give away. Got my hubby 2 shirts and send some clothing down to my grand daughter.
    Coffee is on

  2. Awesome deal and awesome sluggy. I must get a new printer! I think it would pay for itself printing coupons.


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