Thursday, November 17, 2016

Deals I Did This Past Week

Here are a few of the best grocery deals I purchased this past week or so(besides moneymakers at Rite-Aid)......

3 x Soup on sale .77¢ each=$2.31
I had a $1.20/3 ManuQ, making them $1.11 total or .37¢ a can.

3 x Facial Tissue on sale .88¢ each=$2.64
I had a $1/3 IPQ, making them $1.64 or .55¢ a box.

9 x Spaghetti Sauce on clearance for $1 per jar.
Total OOP for these was $9.00 as I had no coupons for it.
I just happened to spy these two varieties at the store were being discontinued.

4 x Butter on sale $3 each=$12.00
I had 4 x .50¢/1 Land O' Lakes half sticks variety IPQ(which doubled to $1 off), making them $2.00 each or $8.00 for all 4.
The cheapest that butter had gotten this Season is $2.37 a lb. and that was 1 store for 1 week, weeks ago.
Using these coupons helped me get butter for $2 a lb.  The best price I can find around here.
Oops! Spoke too soon...Price Chopper had store brand for $1.88 until Saturday.

I also did a "Mix & Match 6/Get $3 Off" Dealat Weis.....

2 x Chicken Broth on sale $1.99 each=$3.98
4 x Chili on sale $1.49 each=$5.96
I had 2 x .50¢/1 IPQ(which doubled to $1)for the Broth plus another .50¢ Weis mailed Q(this doesn't double).
I had 2 x .55¢/2 IPQ(which doubled up to $1)for the Chili.

Total now became $5.44 after Qs and then another $3 off for doing the Deal, so $2.44 OOP for all 6 items or .41¢ per item.

I wish I had printed off more of these broth coupons while they were still available on coupons dotcom and then I could have gotten 4 broths and 2 chils and paid the same $2.44 OOP.  I'd rather have more of the broth than the chili but either way this works for us.

I also picked up 2 dozen eggs as they were .67¢ dzn.

But the best "score" I made this past week was this one......

Weis(PMITA)Markets had Fiora TP and Paper Towels half price on their last Fabulous Friday one day sale.
Reg. price of $6.99 so these were $3.49 each on sale.

I found Fiora IPQs on their Facebook page(.50¢/1 package, which doubled to $1 at Weis), so after coupons I paid $2.50 per package.
Then I jumped on Ibotta and claimed 2 x $1 cash rebates for each of these, making my OOP $1.50 for each.

Besides the grocery stuff I also went up to my local Dollar General to do the Gift Card Deal that blogger American Dreamer clued me into.

I wanted to get Burger King gift cards but my store doesn't carry those but they did have a Taco Bell ones that qualify for the $10 off wyb2.
I chose to make them worth $15 each so $30 of gift cards cost me $20 or 33% off.
College Boy loves him some Taco Bell so don't tell him these are going into his Christmas gift pile. ;-)
If Hubs and I go out this weekend and we pass any DGs I'll stop and see if I can locate the BK gift cards too.

I hope you've found some good deals when out shopping in your part of the world.
Feel free to brag about your scores in the comments.



  1. A gallon of milk is $0.98 at Aldis and price-matched at Walmart. People were buying carts full to freeze.

  2. That was a terrific haul-all things I use regularly. T-Bell is my families guilty pleasure fast food, so those would make great gift cards for my kids, but I don't know where any Dollar Generals are, but must be some around. I start looking this time of year for the perks on gift cards to restaurants and for coffee houses.

  3. I would so love to brag, but there is just nothing I have done that is brag worthy, except cleaning. Dang is my house ever clean!

  4. As usual you are the Queen. We have butter here for under $2 a lb and I stocked up I have 20lbs in the freezer. Butter you bacon boy as Bart Simpson would say.

  5. Wow! Your soup,toilet paper and butter prices are terrific. Nice shopping!

    I am glad you found some Taco Bell gift cards. Here is hoping you find some Burger King. Our stores' supply has been decimated.

  6. I am curious what you did with all the eggs before they go bad.

    1. Well there is Thanksgiving to cook which will take 6 eggs for the pies and a few in the stuffing. If I cook breakfast on weekends for 3 there goes 6 or so more eggs. We often have spinach salad so there are another 4-5 eggs. They go fast around here.


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