Saturday, November 5, 2016

Frugal Friday on Saturday

Here's some of the stuff I did that was Frugal this past week--

* I got a free toothbrush and toothpaste at Rite-Aid by combining sales/coupons/Plenti Points.

* We've been eating Leftovers/Planned Overs the last 3 days(and will continue to eat them over the weekend too)instead of cooking new food and throwing the old stuff out.

* I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets for their "Fabulous Friday" 1 Day Sale Deals this week.  Daughter has been fighting a cold/the crud so I picked up a whole chicken on sale for .85¢ lb. and using various other food ingredients I have already I made a big pot of chicken soup.  I also dug through my OTC/HBA tubs and found her Mucinex, Vitamin C and Zinc cough drops to help her fight this thing off.

* I also found 2 cheap Holiday/Christmas food idea solutions at the "Fab Friday" Sale.
1--We like to have chips and onion dip during the Holidays but I like to cut the sour cream with Greek yogurt(cuts fat and saves calories)but Greek yogurt can be more expensive than sour cream often times here.  Weis has their brand single serve Greek yogurt cups 1/2 off on Friday(.50¢ ea.)and they carry a plain non-flavored one.  There is a $1/10 Greek Weis yogurt cups Q in the Weis Q Book so I bought 10 single cups(1/2 price for $5)and used that Q making the cost $4 for 5.3 oz. cups X 10.  A quart container of plain Greek yogurt runs at least $5.49 here so I saved a bit of coin during this.

2--The bigger win were the 2 whole Eye of Round Roasts I bought.  Hubs likes to have Beef for Christmas and we usually end up buying a Prime Rib Roast for $8 or so a lb.($50-$60 total)to prepare for dinner.  With 2 more to feed this year(7 total)I can't see spending even more for 1 hunk of meat.
The eye round roasts were $2.50 lb!

I got an 8+ lb. roast for $20.40 after discounts.......

This cut is not as fatty as what I usually serve(plus it has no bone)but I am sure I can marinate and roast this baby up to be a tasty Christmas dinner.
This means I'll get the free turkey for Thanksgiving instead of the ham for Xmas at Weis with my points.

I also picked up a second slightly smaller roast to put into the freezer for another time.

* While at Weis I also got this......

There was a mostly drank abandoned Powerade sitting on the curb where I parked my car.  So when it was still there when I left the store to get back into my car, I plucked the cap off and took it home.
Why you may ask?
Because it's worth 3 points in my Coke Rewards Account! lolz  I did put it into a tissue and washed it at home before handling it to reap the code.  ;-)
I have been compiling points all year in wait for the Holiday sale on free 12 packs of Coke products.

* While at Rite-Aid I also bought a bag of Halloween candy for 50%.  This is going into a loved one's Christmas present.  Why pay full price for Christmas decorated bags when you can get it for 50% because it's Halloween decorated?  The candy inside is still the same taste/quality.

* Hubs mentioned that we were running low on wash cloths lately.  So I went to Kmart and bought a pack of 8 cloths on sale for $2.99.......

But no, these didn't cost me anything because I used part of an old gift card I had gotten for transferring prescriptions a couple of years ago.  Need met and no money spent out of pocket.

Now I am off to continue with the cleaning tear I seem to be on today.  I've already cleaned 3 floors, cleaned out my painting tubs, washed 2 walls, cleared off my desk and moved some things out of the living room to a new storage place.
I'd better get back to it before I collapse......

What are y'all up to today?



  1. Today, I awoke with the alarm clock at 6:30 am for something occurring next Sat. Bummer, so I piddled and went back to bed. Plans are to hang clothes out.

  2. Time change didn't mean a thing to me but since my son is visiting, I stayed in bed until 5 AM. You've motivated me to clean my bedroom so I don't disturb man/boy's sleep. He's taking the entire family out to dinner for my birthday which is tomorrow. I am ordering lobster too! There should be 9 of us. I always get a prime rib Christmas and sometimes 2 but everyone just loves them. You'll have to let me know how the roast went over. I follow Paula Deen's recipe and leave the meat in the oven that has been turned on and off. It always turns out medium rare-rare. I eat very little beef myself. My favorite dip is the artichoke/parmesan but I love French onion dip too. My sister carmelized the onions for at least an hour and they really have flavor. Off to clean now! I'm skipping church.

  3. I've had a very productive weekend. Lots of cleaning, cooking, baking & getting things done. One child is out of town with my husband (soccer tournament), so I've been using the time wisely. My big money saver this week was dissecting (that's what my 10 year old calls it) our Halloween pumpkins & making pumpkin puree & toasted seeds. I just turned a small amount of the puree into chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Yum!! Super good.

    I've also been using the oranges on our tree (they grow way more at a time than we can use for eating) into juice for fruit smoothie. Winning! :-)

  4. Yesterday I ate cake. I met up with a bunch of my high school friends in our home town to celebrate us all turning 60 this year. Two people I hadn't seen for 40 years!! So much fun!

  5. Okay now don't over do we are both old women and need to rest a bit. I rest better with a bag of chocolate and a diet coke.

  6. Reading your ongoing budgeting and buying is a continuous joy for me to read.


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