Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Morning After

The election day sticker I would have chosen if given this choice. ;-)

First off let me say that I am so proud of the people in my adopted state.
The projection was that 80% or more of registered voters in PA would cast a ballot in this year's election.....that would be over 6 million voters.
Most years you can count on about 53% of voters to actually go to the polls.  We broke records for participation here in PA.

80%....that's got to be a record turn out for here.
It says that when push comes to shove that Americans are still part of the process.
I have NEVER waited 1.5 hours in line to vote before!!!
While it was a damned nuisance I was so glad to see the level of interest among my fellow citizens.
No disgraceful outbursts at my polling place.
We kept it classy here in my county.

My daughter got into line to vote right before 8 pm after she got out of school last night.  In PA if you are in line before the polls close then you are still allowed to vote no matter how long it takes you to mark that ballot.
She got home after 10 pm.....over a 2 hour wait!
I suspect that in our county the percentage of votes cast was closer to 90% of all registered voters.

And who would have thunk my state would become a battleground state and be so close in the vote split?!?
But then again, I am not surprised.

PA is often called liberal on the ends(Pittsburgh and Philly)with Kentucky in the middle.  PA is a red state with islands of blue in urban areas.
This is much like what American looks like politically.....island of blue on both coasts and inside the Beltway and a sea of red in the middle.  I guess my state is more of a microcosm of the country than folks like to recognize.

What I also loved about last night was the media elite with their mouths hanging open as the results rolled over them.
Talk about clueless!
These people claim to have a hand on the pulse of America.

Now the sore losers online start their mudslinging and name calling on anybody who didn't agree with their choice of candidate.

It's disheartening to see supposed friends of mine call me names like fuckhead, moron and asshole.
Yes because I didn't vote for HRC my "friends" have said this about me personally on their feeds.

I guess in their disappointment and anger it's impossible to remain classy.....or even civil.
My despair is palpable.

But all I have to say to them is this.....
You brought it on yourselves by nominating one of the most openly corrupt, elitist, insider, "bought and paid by corporate American", warmongering candidates.  We were right to reject her.  You were wrong to embrace her. Own it.

Evidently America had a Howard Beale moment yesterday......

And let's move on.

Let the healing begin.
We are the change we want to see in the world.
God Bless America.



  1. I was second in line, sitting on a bench near the door waiting for 7am. At 7:06 am I was in the car and leaving. If your choice won, why did you vomit?

    1. My choice did not win, nor had I any illusions that he would as this country has it's head so far up it's ass it's pitiful.

      This whole election cycle made me want to vomit in my mouth. It was truly distasteful.

    2. Oh, I thought you voted for Trump, but I guess you must have voted for one of the other candidates. That is mean to call you names on account of that. However, my personal opinion is that votes are wasted that way...remember, my opinion. I followed this election more closely than I ever have any election and stayed up last night, then cried, and still have not been asleep!

      We were screwed either way.

  2. Love the sticker! Its exactly how I felt this morning. Don't understand friends calling you names because of who you voted for. It doesn't define you. I have several very conservative friends (I'm a tad on the liberal side though still republican) and we joke about it. Difference makes the world go around!

    I have to say I have not, in my 50 years, seen so much engagement in the political process. And that is a good thing.

    Yours - DeeCee

  3. I would never resort to saying hateful things to others-that would make me the same as those that now make me afraid for our country's future. I will focus even more on holding those that are put in office to serve be accountable to all, and not use the next four years to bully and trash. He's a "winner", lets see if that really means anything good, or just the justification to make sure everyone else are perennial losers.

  4. I never saw this coming!
    I voted for one of the alternate candidates, because I could not vote for either of the major party candidates. I have decided I need to change my daily prayers and ask for both wisdom and a presidential demeanor for the newly elected president.

  5. Amen, amen, and amen to everything in this post!
    You know I voted third party too so I understand where you're at. I'm not sure that in the history of the internet and facebook there could have been a better time for me to deactivate my account. The name calling and mudslinging and cry baby everything (and I dare say bragging by some right now too) is way too much for me to handle. There are no winners right now. We just all need to come together and be the best we can be. This is going to be a very "interesting four years."

  6. Actually the world didn't see this coming and to most ofnus outsiders looking in the result is a joke. I have already lost thousands from my retirement account as a result, since the world matkets do not rate Trump very highly in the stability scales. I do not wish anything bad to those who voted for Trump, but I cannot understand why someone who is a member of the elite that you all seemed to be voting against is expected to care about white collar Americans. Only time will tell I suppose, and I hope for America's sake this doesn't set the country back for 50 years like some have suggested. I sincerely hope that 4 (or less) years from now the rest of the world and the HRC voters are not turning around and saying told you so. Oh and just for the record, I cannot inderstand the hate towards HRC, so you don't all agree with her politics and clearly with her choices regarding her husband but to come out and label her a bitch, as some of your fellow bloggers have done, while also spouting some incredibly inaccurate "facts" about her policies is incredibly naive. Anyway, I am getting off my soapbox now. Enjoy your new president, I hope he works out for you.

    1. I truly don't understand why people who don't live in my country are so wrapped up in OUR politics. Being an outsider you can't possibly have a balanced view of what it's like here(especially since what you hear/read about our system is done through a filter of a biased elitist media and not through personal experiences).
      As an American who lives between the bubble of the right and left coast nor inside the DC Beltway, who is an education woman, and who has traveled the roads a bit across my country and spoken to "regular people", I have seen the discontent in my country first hand so no, this result comes as no surprise to anyone here who pays attention.

      The middle of this country is tired of being called names and told everything bad in this country is our fault and only the elites have the truths and the answers. This is just push back for 8 years of being told we are are less than nothing and don't matter. It's fine to build a group of people up but not at the expense of another group. Hasn't 200+ years of history taught us anything?

      Yes Trump is an elite(they ALL are!)but at least he is not a political elite so there is a small glimmer of hope among "regular people". With the DNC's corrupt(haven't seen this level of corruption since Nixon personally)nominee there was NO hope and we knew what to expect so the unknown devil was more attractive than the known devil to enough people to bring the result to pass that did.

      I don't expect someone has doesn't live here to understand the real tone in this country.

      Likewise I don't get on a soapbox and make remarks about other country's political systems because really it's pointless for an outsider to butt in with a reactionary stilted POV.

      Though Trump is NOT my choice as Commander-in-Chief, I'll accept your good wishes(though I highly suspect you are being snide in your remarks). We are Americans. We will come together for the common good and carry on.

    2. My interest in your politics is probably more than other international observants due to my education (which includes a degree in political science and international relations - although I do not work in those areas). Where I live we have a high population (in comparative terms anyway) of US expats (I am in New Zealand). I also travel to the US every other year and generally have had a chance to meet some of your fellow countrymen, although I have not yet forayed into middle America, mainly as my holidays are short and I would not have the time to do any travel there justice (I do hope to undertake more significant travel through the States more extensively and it is one of my life goals to have travelled (by which I mean more than just passing through) each of the 50 states. In terms of "butting in" to your politics, I don't think I have done that. I was engaging with you on a blog that is open to international readers. I have never made any comments pre-election and would not tell you before then who to vote for. Merely I am trying to express my surprise (and perhaps, as you say, this comes down to the candidates put up by either party) that the person elected is one who has incited fear in the hearts of many Americans over a woman who, yes may be married to someone who is not a pillar of morality in any way, shape or form, has not a record of encouraging hate towards specific groups of people. Maybe Caitlyn Jenner's statement that individual rights do not matter if you have no economy and there is no country left, represents how middle America is ttuly feeling. That I cannot know, you are right. But I am now watching with interest to see if Trump can create unity in your country or if quite the opposite is the case. I do sincerely hope that Trump can carry Anerica through turbulent times for the better. The effect will be on the whole world if he can't do that (as the saying goes, when America sneezes the world catches a cold).

  7. I was not in real favor of either candidate. But to call you names because you support someone is wrong. We are a country of freedom of religion and our right to vote. I just can't believe people would treat you or anyone like that. I am really careful never to discuss religion or politics with anyone. I was taught it was not lacy like. All hub's family talks about is religion and politics so I stay out and away. I just refuse. They think I am the anti something. But that is okay with me. Now we just have to see what happens.

  8. I'm so sorry that people (friends?) are saying such terrible things. That's just awful. I have friends and relatives with vastly differing views than mine and frankly, it's been a struggle for me seeing all the mudslinging and hateful things they've posted on FB. I really didn't expect more of it after the election.

  9. Now, the KKK is demanding he build the wall like he said he would. I could not find fighting on my FB.

  10. I did not vote third party (too risk averse, and hoping to avoid the outcome that I was served today anyway). But, like another commenter, I also woke up and deactivated my Facebook account. Maybe later, when people brush off the anger & the mudslinging (all sides).

    I will continue to work for equal rights for everyone in this country, regardless of whether they look like me, believe in my faith, share my sexual orientation, or gender. I'm committed to doing more to support everyone in this country who need more help. Because, clearly, there are people out there who are struggling, and need more support than they currently have.

    It's going to take some time to erase how I feel after this election, but everyone is allowed to their vote, and should be treated with respect.

  11. I can't believe the level of immaturity that is being shown in this country following the election. I only hope that we can pull together as a country and support our new president. Life is too short to waste it throwing temper tantrums if things don't go our way. Glad I found your blog. Take care.

  12. Closets Trump voters. We remained silent on purpose. Why? Because we didn't want the name calling and mudslinging. We the people have a voice too. We all do. I doubt this unprecedented disgusting display that is going on now would have been tolerated if the other side won. Stick with real friends, who no matter what, love you for who you are. Period.

  13. This whole situation could have been avoided had the DNC run an honest primary and put forth a candidate that people actually wanted. I am from Trump territory in NW PA and honestly am not surprised by the result. The people around here are sick of being referred to as uneducated, deplorable rednecks.

  14. The hatred spewed from my, once good, friends finger tips is amazing. I am trying not to take it personally, but it is tough.


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