Friday, November 25, 2016

Eating Out Totals Updated

I finally got around to updating my Eating Out Page with totals spent in September and October.
Since the tab isn't visible at the top on my home page, you get see that page at the link HERE.

While the Regular Eating Out looks high in October, some of that was treating a visiting friend and family members for Breakfast.  As it wasn't "our" trip I put it under Regular Eating Out, though it was not really regular. 8-)



  1. I thought the total was going to be high. I deleted my comment there. I have no idea why I posted it there.

    1. For regular eating out when we are home and nobody had a birthday that month we tend to keep it under $100, usually WAY under. Oct. though we treated Kim and her family to breakfast at Bob Evans when they stopped by on their way through town and pancakes and eggs can be pricey for 8 people.

  2. I've started spending less at the grocery store and more on eating out because if I go to a buffet, I can get fresh veggies and fruit. If I buy those items at the grocery store, they cost a fortune and I can only eat part of them before they go to waste. When I eat at home, I have frozen veggies. I'm actually spending less on food now because I go to the buffet early in the afternoon to pay the lunch price, which is lower. I'm happier with what I'm eating now.


    1. Now THAT is an interesting twist on keeping the cost of eating down w/out food waste!
      We always go for lunch rather than dinner at buffets(the few times we go nowadays). When foods are not in season here we eat/buy a lot of frozen veggies. In season I prefer to frequent the restaurant supply store produce shelves(cheaper usually than reg. grocery stores produce)or the farm stand.

  3. I would not dream of tallying up how much we have been spending eating out. Well, not going out, but picking up dinner on the way home. Hubby and I have just gone insane this month. We have got to get ourselves under control. (But, we CAN afford it and are not going into debt to do it.)


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