Friday, February 19, 2016

This & That & Something Else

Up to Weis(PMITA)Markets to get this stuff yesterday.......

This week one of the "Loss Leader Deals" is Hormel Compleats for $1.67 each(limit of 6 per transaction).  I paired that sale price with $1/1 IPQs so paid .67¢ each.
College Boy likes these things when he is at school to augment his meal plan.  I found some breakfast ones too so he can give those a try.
6 x Compleats at .67¢=$4.02

Weis also has Eight O'Clock Coffee BOGO this week so I picked up 2 bags for $5.49.
I used a $1.50/1 Catalina Q the register spit out a few weeks ago making my 2 bags cost $3.99 for both.

Grand Total OOP was $8.01.

I'll go back for more Compleats this weekend and maybe do the Mega Sale Buy 10/Get $5 Off after the new Qs come out on Sunday.

Also in the Frugal Hacks Department--yesterday I went to K-Mart and transferred 2 rxs and got these........

$60 in free gift cards.
Add this to the $20 I got in January in Weis gift cards(for transferring 1 rx to their pharmacy)and that's a total of $80 so far in free food in 2016.

The next two rxs that need renewing at the dr. office will go to K-Mart and then I can transfer them later on in the year to Rite-Aid and earn $25 in Plenti points for each one but I'll count that when it actually happens.

While at K-Mart I got this too........

12 sugar-free drinks for free using Shop Your Way Points on my card.  I still have more free Points left on that card too.

And in the Proud Momma Department--

My eldest son was given the New Teacher Award at his high school yesterday!
Out of 20 new teachers in his high school he got this honor.
I guess he can stop worrying about getting fired when the term is over....lolz

So proud of him and his hard work! 8-)



  1. Congrats to your son! That's fantastic.

  2. Congrats to your son. My oldest was a teacher for many years, then a literacy coach and now she's in administration. I myself taught 'civics' 2 years before first child was born but never wanted to go back to teaching except for Sunday school. Ick on those compleats- sounds like son # 2 is no foodie haha. I cooked a turkey breast yesterday with potatoes and carrots so will be eating that for a few days. Right now nothing appeals to me but I still have an appetite- just nothing I want to eat or cook!

  3. Congrats to son. I love that he took a pic to show you. Sweet boy.

  4. That is AWESOME about eldest!!! I'm proud for both of you.

  5. Loving that last part! Congratulations to your boy :)


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