Sunday, February 21, 2016

2015 Road Trip.....More Day 10

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Let's back up to Tuesday(Day 10) as I forgot to mention that Hubs and I visited a couple of manufactured home dealers in Bossier City, LA.
One of our retirement options is to buy land and put a modular home on it.
So we viewed two different dealers/brands of homes.

The first dealer had quite reasonable prices and a wide variety of homes/floor plans/models in the approximate size we were considering.

There were both open floor plans and traditional floor plans.
I kind of liked this one.....

Dark inside as there were no lights on....

Kitchen with a bar on the island.

I liked this bank of windows in the dining/kitchen areas.....

Laundry area off the back door....

The central bathroom/guest bathroom.

Then after lunch we visited another dealer/builder nearby.  This salesman was so full of himself and tried to make us believe that "his" modular/manufactured homes were far superior and should be priced as much as a stick built home on a foundation.

So we viewed a couple......

The flooring looked cheap.....

And they had construction materials laying all over the place which you had to dodge when walking through......

More scrap wood and trim laying around..

One home had a built-in/on deck.  These models cost more due to them having to hand build the deck part onto the home, yet the square footage they showed for these decked models included the square footage of the deck, so you were actually getting less "house" for the money.

And the decks were narrow as it had to fit under the homes roofing.  I guess down in LA you'd want your deck shaded most of the year due to the heat.

Same cheap looking laminate flooring in the bathroom......

Nice closet though.

The kitchen finishes all looked so generic, not my style.....

I did rather fall in love with this walk-in pantry in one of the kitchens there.....swoon!

Finally! A put together room. lolz Still too expensive for what it is.

Before we left to go back to the hotel we hit one of these stores.........

Thrifty Liquors is a chain of adult beverage stores in this part of LA.  Between the liquor stores(not state run here like in PA), the Grocery stores and Wal-Marts that sell beer and wine and the Drive-Thru Daiquiri Stands on just about every corner this is a place I'd find easy to live in(in this regard).
Add in the multiple Casinos and I'd say I'd have a pretty easy time of convincing Cousin Sonya Ann to move down here too.  8-)

It's a good thing we aren't moving down there for the schools either.
While sitting in the car waiting for Hubs to finish up in Thrifty Liquors I noticed this sign they had over the door........


Ok,, I promise to finish up this Road Trip Report this week.....I am long overdue!



  1. We have seen several modular homes we liked. What kind of impression do you get if the model home is not finished? All I can remember of the advice I read is don't buy land and home from same dealer and the set up is where the most trouble, so get reviews of this process.

    1. Carol, I can look past the debris laying around but it's really not safe to let folks tromp through models with this stuff laying around. We are undecided on whether to go the land and new manufactured home route but will heed your advice, thanks.

  2. The first home looks nice. Love all those windows in the kitchen. A deck would be really nice though too.


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