Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rite-Aid for Valentine's Day

I meant to go to Rite-Aid Monday but the weather forecast meant I went out in the cold on Sunday night.
I bought this stuff on my card..........

6 x Tresemme Poo and Conditioner on sale $4ea.=$24.00

Coupons Used
I used a $3/15 wyb $15 in any hair care Q that was generated on my receipt earlier in the month=$3.00
And 3 x $3/2 Tresemme ManuQs from that Unilever book I got in VA at Walmart=$9.00
Coupon Total........$12.00

I used $12.72 in Plenti Points to pay.
I earned $30 in new Plenti Points(2 x $5 wyb3 Tresemme, $20 BPE wyb $100 tracking) so even though I "spent down" $2.72 in Points on the purchase(after I received $10 in Plenti points for buying the Tresemme)that $20 BPE Bonus Points made it ultimately into a $17.28 moneymaker.

I probably won't be doing anymore purchases during the BPE as there is little I see that I can buy that will get me to $150 in BPE tracking that will be nearly free or at least won't cost more than $15 in Points($15 in Points is the next Bonus Level).
There is nothing I NEED to buy there anyway as my toiltries supply is packed at the moment, even after culling out items to add to the Food Bank Donation I have going on at the moment.

Getting free toiletries is great but not if they exceed your storage space. ;-)
In Winter, when I don't travel anywhere and/or have anyone travel to see me here, it's difficult getting rid of some of this stuff, as I have a decade long supply of shampoo at the moment.
The stockpile of this will start to thin out as we get into "Traveling Season" and I get to share my good fortune with family and friends again.  8-)



  1. You are very generous with your loved ones! ;p
    So you may or may not need to ship me toiletries because you may or may not be losing your room here to Anna. Maybe our daughters are twins that were separated at birth.

  2. Nice job again and love how you think where the purchases will be used and not just sticking shelves.

  3. Love that you spent Valentine's Day at Rite Aid! ;-)


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