Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Going on Here

First off a storm came through yesterday.  We were on the northern edge of this weather event and supposedly we were on the rain side of this front.
But no one seems to have told the wet stuff it was suppose to be rain. lolz

No worries though as it all melted as the temps rose later in the day and now on Wednesday we are getting more rain and it's suppose to approach the 60F degree mark.

Did anyone watch "Finding Your Roots" last night on their local PBS station?

It was interesting at least to me that Neil Patrick Harris' (I don't recall how many X Great Grandfather)ancestor William Ferrar probably knew my 11 x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Powell.
They both survived the voyage to Jamestown in 1618 on The Neptune.  Also on board The Neptune on that voyage was the 1st Governor of Virginia, Thomas West, 12th Baron of De La Warr.  Lord De La Warr died during the crossing some where off the coast of Newfoundland and his body continued on to be buried by his wife, Cecily Shirley West, in the Virginia Colony.
Without the arrival of Lord De La Warr in 1610 with supplies to save the floundering Virginia Colony in the year after "The Starving Time" it is doubtful if the colony would have survived and the founding of English history this continent would have been quite different.
But I digress.......

           What the Neptune would have looked like.

Having only hundreds of people in Jamestowne at that time, I am sure my ancestors and Neil's ancestors  knew each other, if only as neighbors and fellow members of that early society in Jamestown.

And also fascinating is that Mr. Harris' William Ferrar's future wife, Cecily Jordan, came to Virginia on "The Swan" in 1610, and  my 11x GG Thomas Garnett(Elizabeth Powell's future husband)also came over on that same voyage.
Small small world.

So both my ancestors were on board ship with both Neil Patrick Harris' ancestors.  Had fate been tempted otherwise, these people could have married other than how they did and perhaps Doogie Howser and I would be directly related or I'd be a bigtime celebrity instead of him.  ;-)

It's interesting though that Elizabeth Powell and her husband Thomas Garnett(my 11x GGs)are not listed among qualifying ancestors for admittance into the Jamestowne Society even though they each arrived in the colony in 1618 and 1610 respectively and were alive and listed in the 1624/25 Jamestowne Muster, effectively the first English census taken in America.
I guess no one has taken upon themselves trying to qualify them as gateway ancestors for this organization.  Their daughter Susan Garnett's spouse, Thomas Foster, however have been used and proved though.
I just find it interesting that most of us seem to be interconnected if you go far enough back into time.

And in Exciting News--

A big truck came to the house and dropped all this stuff off in the living room.....

And in the den.......

Yes, we are now officially living in a construction zone.  ;-)
Thankfully we can still get to the tv and the chairs. lol

This is the only photo I could really get that really shows something that will be going into the new bathroom........

Construction meeting still to come and then they start.




  1. I just love before and after pictures. But I hate to live in a construction zone. It's the worst.
    We are supposed to get snow today but I'm just going to ignore it.

  2. What a shame! ALMOST famous!!!
    YAY! You're going to love your new bathroom!
    But the construction part will suck.

  3. Good luck, make sure to have a lot of booze on hand as you may get stressed. On the up side it has been planned for a long time so best to get it done.

  4. Remodeling can be tiresome, but with great results!!

    We had rain, rain, rain, trees down and no school since the buses couldn't get through. Nice to see you got some snow even though it melted right away.

  5. Woo Hoo. is this for the powder room or upstairs. I know I should know this from reading the blog, but this old brain can only hold so much info.

  6. Oh boy! Oh boy! New bathroom! Exciting. And good for your resale value too.

  7. The thought of crossing the Atlantic in one of those ships just terrifies me! I'm glad they made it for you sake :) Can't wait to see the new bathroom!


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