Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rite-Aid and the Big Point Event & My Day Out

Two trips to Rite-Aid this week to finish out the Big Point Event on one card this week.  I won't go into the details though as these deals expire this evening............

After sale prices and coupons this lot cost me $41.32 in Plenti Points and I earned back $28 in new Plenti Points.

After sale prices and coupons this lot cost me $19.58 in Plenti Points and I earned back $22 in new Plenti Points.

So I spent "down" my Plenti Points by $10.90.
I also earned a $1 SavingStar cash Rebate on one of the Vaseline lotions and a $1 cash Rebate on the Hall's cough drops.

So after this $2 in cashback I am only "down" $8.90 for all this fine quality merchandise.
UPDATED--A new $1 Dove Men's popped up in my SavingStar account over the weekend and I have already received another $1 rebate for buying 1 so I am now "down" $7.90 for all this stuff.

I should be able to also get $4 or $5 per pack of diapers once I sell them which puts me in the Overage category for all this eventually.

Hubs and I ran errands(grocery stores, Rite-Aid)since I haven't been able to leave the house the last two days due to the construction.
Then we had a date today.
He took me to the new Chinese Restaurant that opened up at the mall. I had a coupon of course.

Then I sat in the grocery store's cafe area and watched him pick out 6 beers..........

If you look very close you can see Hubs' hand plucking a bottle of the top shelf behind the 312 Goose Island 6 pack in the foreground on the right.

Fun stuff.
I know "I" was having fun......



  1. Chinese food-haven't had since December not counting the canned La Choy and frozen egg rolls. You are a plenti point marvel.

  2. Just send those diaper to me I will put them to good use. Hub's loves himself a good beer, as he should. Can't wait to see your bathroom.


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