Friday, February 12, 2016

Frugal Hack--Moving Medicines

No, I am not referring to constipation drugs. lolz
But rather I got this in the mail this week.........

An offer for $60 in Kmart gift cards for transferring 2 prescriptions to their pharmacy.
I have 2 rxs that need filling later this month so will move those to K-Mart to fill at that time.  I have another rx that needs renewing early in March so may have that renewed to K-Mart instead of Rite-Aid and then transfer it to Rite-Aid when refilled in April to take advantage of a $25 in Plenti Points Offers then.
Basically I'll pay the same prices at both pharmacies and reap $85 in store script for my efforts.
When my other rxs expire and need renewing I'll have them done at K-Mart(will also earn another $10 in K-Mart gift cards for refilling 5 rxs there)and then as Plenti Points Offers appear at Rite-Aid will migrate them all back for another $50 in Plenti Points.
Working the game, working the game................



  1. This sounds like a VERY good deal! Love it!

  2. Knock on wood, we are prescription free for now. I've harped enough at hubs about the salt that darn if he hasn't been listening and has things in check. Though, I think I might be headed for something as I have not been managing my arthritis pain very well of late. If so, I hope I can find some good deals like you have found.

  3. Nearest KMart is 55 mikes away. I still browse there when I am near. Corporation just let their stores go to pot and not renovate. Ours was tore down= prime real estate- and now houses several stores in that strip. I get my prescription through Express scripts- very convenient and a 90 day supply. You sure find the deals though. My time is worth more to me but I could do more sleuthing. One reason I love Aldi's is no coupons or rebates!!!!

  4. I can only imagine what you would be able to do if you were working the welfare system. LOL.
    Your skill impresses me at every turn!!

  5. Great job on the transfers. K Mart s slowly closing down in S Cali. We only have 2 left and they are too far. Good for you.


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