Friday, February 19, 2016

Finally Got to the Food Bank

The sun came out yesterday and I was up early enough to take my food bank donation in finally.  Here is what left my house........

4 x Star-Kist Tuna pouches
7 x Horizon Mac and Cheese boxes
6 x Purex Laundry Detergent jugs
4 x Dinty Moore Stew cans
5 x Hellman's Mayo jars
3 x French's Mustard bottles
2 x French's Ketchup bottles
4 x Hormel Chili cans
9 x Barilla Pasta boxes
8 x Finesse Shampoo bottles
4 x Assorted Deodorants
8 x Oral-B Toothbrushes
8 x Colgate Toothpaste tubes
9 x Feminine Pads boxes
2 x J&J Baby Wash
4 x Vaseline/Keri/Jergens Lotion

It took up the whole backseat of my Sonic.

And afterwards I realized that I had forgotten to take the Progresso Soups too. sigh.

All this cost me about $37 out of pocket between deals/sales/coupons and mostly free toiltries.
A nice little donation for just a little extra work and pocket change really.
The money spent really doesn't impact our budget but it helps my community at large.

And I don't do this for the tax write-off either anymore.  Seeing as we haven't had a mortgage deduction for the last 8 years(seeing as the house is paid off)we just don't have enough other deductions to itemize them so we just get to take the standard deduction on our taxes.  This means any charity we give either in cash or "things" we see no side benefit....other than feeling good knowing we are helping someone out there, get through another day.

Feeling good about ourselves is our selfish pleasure in all this.  8-)

To find a food pantry in your area go HERE.
Most can use volunteers.
If you don't have enough time in your schedule to volunteer or your local food bank doesn't need volunteers like mine doesn't(we have a small army of elderly women running ours), I am sure they would accept cash and/or donations of food and personal healthcare items/toiletries/tp/etc.



  1. Very nice. When my older kids were younger, I used to call the elementary school secretary to offer her choice pieces of their unwanted clothing so she could surreptitiously get it to those who needed it. Rite Aid No Nonssense socks and unopened underwear always got tucked in the pockets or sleeves.

  2. Love that you use your couponing skills for donations!

  3. Well done Sluggy, using your talents for such a good cause.

  4. Yay! Plus it's a great decluttering tool!
    I've been doing some of that myself.

  5. You go above and beyond with your generosity! This is also a very timely post because post holidays the banks typically run low on donations.
    I used to volunteer at one of our inner city food banks. Though I knew it impacted the lives of those who used it, I had not idea how profound the impact was. The only way they can function is for people to donate food. The food banks offer sustenance for people from all walks of life who fall through the cracks of traditional government food subsidies, as well as augmenting those using EBT/Snap/WIC or whatever. In most cities there are drop off points that make donating items incredibly easy. Here it is usually churches, but I have seen drop offs in different places in other cities.

  6. Good for you Sluggy, these are great items and you will be blessed. With friends like me, SNORT!

  7. Nice-all the top needed items, and with spring breaks starting up in March when extra mouths at home and no school lunch program. great job on the toiletries-can't use SNAP or WIC for those. Not a big deal if you got the right off-it's just a reduction in taxes, no one's paying you back your time or energy, out of pocket.I understand not wanting to have to track the details so much thoguh.

  8. This was very inspiring to me and I am sure gives you a great feeling. I was once in the need for food stamps and it was a struggle. You have made many people happy.

  9. You are such a good soul!! But next time, send some mayo my way!!! It is expensive here!!!! Oh and while you are at it can you bring it to me.

  10. I am proud to call you "friend", friend. :)


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