Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Frugality Last Week

Besides my plan to move my Rxs for free store gift cards I did a couple other frugal things this past week--

*  I had .50¢ in gas points.  Since my Sonic only has a 10 gallon gas tank I give the points to Hubs as his Malibu has an 18.5 gallon gas tank meaning he gets a better benefit(if he runs his gas down first)for those gas points.  Hubs used them this week so the Weis $1.879 gas was only $1.379 per gallon and he saved us $6.43 on his gas fill-up.

*  I have NOT gone to the grocery store this week at all!  One of the few side benefits on not feeling well-I have not felt like grocery shopping.

*  Though I haven't been to the grocery store I sent Hubs out for plastic wrap at the local Shursave store as it was $2 a roll on sale this week and we are on our last roll.  I had thought about going to Weis last week as they had a Mega-Sale that included the same rolls of Glad wrap but the Deal was you had to buy 10 rolls(or as many rolls as you wanted + enough other Mega-Sale items to equal 10 items)....Reg. price at Weis of $2.49, Instant .50¢ off for Mega-Sale makes them each $1.99.....which is what the local Shursave was selling them for on sale.  I don't NEED 10 rolls of plastic wrap nor could I figure out 8 other Mega-Sale items I wanted/needed so it was more fiscally prudent to just buy them at Shursave.

*  While Hubs was picking up the Glad wrap he also bought himself a bag of chips(to finish off the dip I made him for Super Bowl)and it was on sale too.  Evidently this store started some sort of Grocery Giveaway Promotion and he got a game ticket with his purchase.
Well lookie here!  I won a can of tuna!

I'll take it........lolz
So in the end, we spent $7 of the food budget last week and got a free can of tuna.

* I found a free program to help me do my taxes this year.  I can also use them to e-file for free(but I probably will mail in a paper return anyway).  Why pay for tax software when you don't have to?
Now that we don't have enough deductions to itemize my return is a lot easier to complete....well except for that Lifetime Learning/College Credit thing.  The free software from that tax site makes quick work of that too so I am a happier camper and I keep another $50 or so in my wallet not shelling out for TurboTax or whatever.

What frugal hacks have you taken advantage of lately?



  1. None this week, but gas is $1.39 a gallon, before the 8 cent minimum coupon I always have-which covers my coffee on those cold mornings I need to fill up. I know I should just pocket the savings, but I don't.

  2. I hope you feel better soon Sluggy! Riteaid is missing you lol soon they shall come looking for you. I am 3/4 through the feb grocery budget and just at the halfway mark in the month so need to put the brakes on. I made a lemon drizzle cake yesterday using a long expired cake mix (and it didn't hurt us). Also listed 2 items on our facebook bidding site. Both have bids so will sell - the money will go into the Weekend away fund. Found a mid-century modern candle holder that is worth some money for .50 cents at my favorite thrift store yesterday plus 2 European decorating magazines for free as they don't charge for magazines. Not much else though.

  3. Cool that you won a free can of tuna! I've been using up my plastic wrap here too. We had so many boxes of it so time to get busy using it up. :)

  4. I have not been fruaal but I've been a good girl scout. Yesterday I bought 5 boxes of girl scout cookies= $4 each- and also gave them $20 as a donation. I gave the cookies away to the grandsons and 2 neighbors who all love the Samoas. I kept one box- the new oatmeal raisin- for coffee afternoons LOL. I was a girl scout leader many years with both my daughters so I have a soft soft for them and I'm sure I'll be buying from them again. It's all booths these days in front of busy grocery stores.

  5. Our taxes are simple and do them through the TaxAct site, no software. I think it cost $27 and most of that is because it costs to file our state taxes online. I was shocked how fast our refunds arrived, less than a week fo Federal and exactly a week for state and that was not doing any early refund offers.
    In the past I also used TurboTax and HRBlock, both through their website with no software.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Yay for frugal and yay for tuna!!!!
    I keep plugging away on finding new corners to cut but it seems my budget is now round with no corners.


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