Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ocean City October 2014 Vacation.....Part 1

I am frantically trying to get those old trip reports finished up so I can start on our road trip from May 2015 to Louisiana.
Here's the first installment from the Fall 2014 vacation.  After this one is completed I am all caught up.

We left for our October Ocean City getaway on Sunday Oct. 12th.  We usually start these trips on a Sunday as the hotel rates go down on Sunday.

As usual we made our stop at Total Wine & More in Delaware once we got over the line from Philly.

This year we had $100 in gift cards from Christmas presents to use...woohoo!

The new growler filling station while I waited for my fill of McKenzie's pumpkin cider.
That's my growler in the "transporter tube"........looks like Scotty is going to beam it up! lolz

We still spent $126+ more after the gift cards........

If nothing else, let me be accused of commitment......

Since we had to go through Rehoboth area Hubs let me take a little detour to Lewes.
Lewes is the first town in Delaware, founded in 1631, as a whaling and trading center by the Dutch.  It was named Zwaanendael(Dutch for Swan Valley).  The local Native Lenape tribes wiped it out in 1632 and it wasn't until 1662 that the Dutch began rebuilding, this time with a group of Mennonite settlers.
At any rate, this town has been around a long time.

Besides being a very early settlement area for European immigrants it is also the site of one of the first Presbyterian Churches in American.
In 1683 the Presbytery in Laggan, Scotland sent Rev. Francis Makemie to American to found the first congregation on the Eastern Shore.  Makemie is considered the "Father of Presbyterian Faith" in America.
One of his young ministers named Samuel Davis was sent to Lewes in 1692 to form a congregation there.  A wooden church was erected in 1707 and is thought to be the 2nd Presbyterian church built in America.  A bit after Davis the second minister to head this church, Reverend John Thomson, was sent to Lewes to lead this congregation.  Thomson was responsible for rebuilding the church(after a fire)during his tenure there from 1717-1729.
Rev. John Thomson was my 7th great grandfather.

I found out a few years back from digging into the family genealogy about my connection to Rev. Thomson.  We are connected through my mother's maternal grandmother, Lucy Baker Vassar.
If you'll recall this photo I shared recently of 4 generations of my maternal line before me, Lucy is in the middle.  The connection to Rev. Thomson veers off to the paternal line pre-Lucy(her mother Lou Foster's husband Patrick Henry Baker).

Anyway turns out John Thomson was rather a big deal back in the 1700's Presbyterian Church movement in America.  But we'll go into that another day, when I am feeling the genealogical pull.

While the brick church Rev. Thomson built no longer stands(it was demolished in 1871)the church built to replace it in 1832 by Rev. Mitchelmore still stands.
And you know it just had to get a photo of it.....

Even though it was Sunday afternoon the place was locked up tight so no poking around inside on this day.  I guess Presbyterians are early worshippers.....

After that detour we were about famished for lunch, so we hit something along Route 1 leading into Rehoboth for lunch.

We had always wanted to stop here.....

A fish and chips British spot called "Go Brit!"

The menu is limited but good and fresh.

The don't do much but what they do, they do well.

We were quite happy with our lunch(even with the price of $31 and if you've been to this area you KNOW restaurants are insanely expensive!) and the décor inside was funky to boot.

We didn't plan on going back north to Rehoboth during this trip like we did last year so we hit the 2 large liquor stores in Rehoboth along the way to OC.

Here's my de rigeur selfie with the display of FREAK SHOW wine bottles......

This new "tradition" all started last July in Wisconsin at Woodman's.........

Being so close to Halloween I appreciated the play on words of this pack of

After getting to the hotel around 6pm we set out to get a little something to eat and find some drinks in OC.

The Ocean City Brewing Company along the main drag in OC had opened that year.

Hubs got a flight served in this clever surfboard holder.

I got a dark brew, my usual "go-to", a stout called Lost Soul's Stout.   A shipwreck/seashore themed beer.....

They had quite the selection of beers....

I liked my selection.  It went well with the meatball sub special I had for dinner though they tried to overcharge us for it.

Hubs really like this Nuckin' Futs selection and got a glass of it after his flight.

OC Brewing was large and quite noisy with a sports bar feel.  TVs everywhere and nothing on but sports!  Not great on atmosphere.
The front of the building was a huge gift shop selling all kinds of crap, as well as pre-filled growlers of brews.
All the tchotchkes were way over priced(as is most stuff in OC)so I didn't buy anything.
This shirt was clever however it stayed in the store and didn't come home with me.  8-)

The next morning when we went out I saw this raccoon flying from someone's car arial.  Very strange......

So we headed back to Assateague Island on our first full day of vacation.

Not being in a wheelchair this year was great!  I got to walk along the shore at the beach this time.....

It was a very windy, gray and chilly day.  I had to yell to get Hubs to hear me thanks to the wind and the roar of the surf.

I walked into the ocean barefoot.  Though it was cold it felt great!
I was raised by the ocean and the smell of the salty air at the shore energizes me.  Maybe it has something to do with the ion charged atmosphere too.

Hubs was bundled up tight and couldn't wait to get back to the car.

After we left the parking lot, we spied a group of ponies in the roadway tying up what little traffic there was.

They tell you to give the ponies their space for a reason folks. 

These are wild animals and though they look docile enough they will kick you if you get too close to their hind end business and they will bite too.

I prefer to use the zoom on my camera and give these critters a wide berth.

Enjoy this film clip I took of the ponies, especially the part where I am muttering under my breath at the assholes getting too close to a couple of

And here is the pony that was on my side of the roadway making up her mind whether she wants to cross the road.....or not.....


A horse in the roadway didn't keep some idiots in cars from zooming past.   Slow down how about it?!?

I am shocked more tourists aren't injured and more ponies killed during the Season.

After our excursion to the Island(and I didn't take a single photo of horse crap on the side of the roads either!) we stopped  first at a gas/convenience store........

We stopped not for gas but because they had a giant rooster standing outside.
And you know that rooster are a "chick magnet".......even for this human

And then we stopped at a touristy spot(closed down for the season)along the road on the way back to West OC.
Because they had a giant shark.....and this is what I do-pose with things.

Help!  I'm being et by Jaws......

While IN West OC we went to Sav-A-Lot over in Berlin to stock up on some groceries.
I loved the name of this tea.....Deja Tea.......I get the feeling I have drank this before.....lolz

They even had crab chips in Sav-A-lot.....
My Daughter who is a fan of bizarre chip flavors(her fav being Clam Chips we found in Maine years ago)would have liked these.....

Then it was time to stop at our favorite haunt nearby, Burley Oak Brewing......

We had a couple of brews before heading back to the hotel.

Someone else sitting at the bar had brought his puppy along.....

I went over to her and started petting her since she looked so forlorn and forgotten.  She was a true Bassett Hound because she rolled over and gave me the "full frontal belly" profile so I could rub her properly. lolz

After that she kept trying to get over to my side of the bar for more rubs. and kept giving me those sad Bassett eyes.  What a sweetie!

Then back to OC for an early dinner at a pub called "Coins".  It was too early for their dinner specials so we ordered off the lunch menu.  I had a bowl of cream of crab soup and a salad with blue cheese and walnuts.  Both were surprisingly good!  Hubs had a soft shell crab sandwich with fries which he gave a thumbs down-ish to.  Food and 2 iced teas and tip we were $38.98 poorer.
Imagine if we had ordered off the dinner menu!?!
Now do y'all see what I am saying about how overpriced restaurants are down in OC?
At least this place the seafood was fresh and the ingredients high quality.  I don't mind paying for GOOD food.

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with a short walk along the boardwalk, something small fixed in the room's kitchen and some drinks and ocean watching on the balcony.



  1. Okay loved the jaws picture, I think you need to get a puppy.

  2. I LOVE going to the beach when it is cold! I need to do that. I mean we do live only 45 minutes from the beach. LOL!

    When Hubby and I go on vacation, we do a lot of cooking our own food to avoid spending all our money on food.


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